It’s Nasty vs Bloody In The Mass 7th CD

Posted July 7th, 2018 by Iron Mike

She’s from Chicago,  – and she challenging the snarly old White Guy – Bloody Mike Capuano,  – for his cushy 20 year seat in Congress.

From her public statements,  she plans to be the next Maxine Waters.

Calls for civility to meet an uncivil threat to our liberties, our rights and our basic humanity are deeply misguided,”

She’s got all the DNC talking points,  and she wants to get guns off the streets,  abolish or defund ICE,  preserve ObamaCare,  federally fund abortions,  and ‘create jobs’.

Sadly, she seems content to play the Anti-Trump Card and the Race Card,  telling her Black voters that Government and White People owe them more free stuff,  – while she attempts to garner White liberal support by railing against ICE and “separation of families”…

And that’s HILARIOUS!

Imagine a BLACK woman from a Boston Democrat Ghetto is more worried about the “separation of immigrant families”,…

– families who are coming here ILLEGALLY to take jobs from American BLACKS,  – than she is about how soon there will be enough REAL JOBS in Boston for her EBT Card Constituents to get OFF WELFARE.

Go ahead Boston,  vote for the New Black Poverty Pimp;

…see how much she improves your life.   She’s counting on you voting for the RACE CARD.

Mind you Folks,  Bloody Mike is no prince of Civility – or of getting anything done for the people of Massachusetts.

He’s in it for the PAYCHECK and the PERKS!   Sure beats holding down a job!

Bloody Mike & Friends – Feb 2011:


You might ask:  

“Who is the Republican running in the Mass 7th…?”

Maybe we could ask Kirsten Hughes, Esq.  – the Chairwoman of the MassGOP…?   After all – she lives in nearby Quincy!   She should know….

Give Kirsten a call:   617  523-5005

You think Charlie FAKER knows if any Republicans are running in the 7th…?


CAUTION MASSHOLES:  It doesn’t matter WHICH lying liberal scumbag you vote for,  – the end result is a bankrupt state with no manufacturing jobs, 

– and a heavy burden of welfare recipients and illegals sucking up your tax dollar$.

4 Responses to “It’s Nasty vs Bloody In The Mass 7th CD”

  1. Panther 6

    Where does MA find these folks???? Just when one thinks it can’t get worse it does. Sad. Glad my lady no longer claims MA as her ancestral home.

  2. Mt Woman

    I do not see old Mickey C standing back, taking his seat for granted. He is a street fighter and will go after Pressley to hold on to his seat
    It will be amusing to watch this battle royally in Boston unfold. Unfortunately there is no Republican in the race to give the sincere Patriots a choice.

  3. Sonny's Mom

    But seriously, what do you expect? Somerville used to be a city dominated by machine politics. The goombahs were removed from office and Somerville was awarded the designation, “All-Anerican City”. Now a new machine wants to move in, to revive Somerville’s historic past. /s

    Capuano should have seen this one coming. He still maintains a family residence in Somerville, whose mayor decorated City Hall with a great, big BLM banner. But although Deval has already endorsed Pressley, according to the Globe, so far Capuano is out-fundraising her.

  4. Kojack

    It isn’t going to make a dime’s worth of difference who the MASSHOLES elect.