It’s Killing Season In Boston Again!

Posted May 24th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Bodies will be dropping,  – and the Democrat Mayor and his Garden Gnome Police Commissioner are ready with their usual excuses: “Too many GUNS running wild on our streets!”

The Propaganda Ministryeven the once-honest Boston Herald – are playing right along.

SHAME on YOU Chris Villani – for that misleading headline.

GUNS aren’t ‘violent’!   They cannot walk around shooting people,  – or drive cars and do drive-bys!


53+ years of racist Democrat welfare politics, – PLUS harboring illegals,  – has given most big cities whole neighborhoods of broken families,  – with no father at home (because he’s dead or in jail) and at best a teenage mother – or HER mother,  – left to raise the kids.

Lyndon Johnson was fiendishly correct and visionary as he created the Black Voter Plantation – and called it “The Great Society”.

The corrupting effect of welfare politics and sub-standard union-controlled inner-city schools has produced several succeeding generations of minority youth – who never fully mature,  – but breed yet another generation anyway.

Sadly, the newly freed slaves in 1866 were more mature and better prepared to be responsible citizens.

So with violent crime up in most American cities,  Democrats cannot bring themselves to address the failure of their party’s policies.  Much easier to blame GUNS!

This is the act of political cowards,  – the same cowards who refuse to reinstate the DEATH PENALTY for murder.

Funny how Liberals hate to see animals kept in zoos,…but they’re willing to put violent homicidal criminals in them….

…and make US pay the rent.

Putting the blame on GUNS is like blaming the liquor store for the family drunk.

One Response to “It’s Killing Season In Boston Again!”

  1. Catherine

    It’seems worse than that. It is the equivalent of blaming the liquor store for the family drunk after forbidding the store to refuse to sell, and with the ones doing the blaming being the selfsame ones who purposefully got the drunk hooked to begin with.