It’s FASCISTS vs Socialist In Portland

Posted August 6th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Soros and AntiFA/BLM picked Portland Oregon for a reason.  Already the most ooey-gooey liberal town in the USA,  – it was being run by a head-up-his-ass mayor and had a brand new conspicuously AA/EEO female police chief.  Easy pickings!

Meanwhile,  almost unreported,  – regular crime including murder,  rape,  kidnapping,  and human trafficking were running rampant….

The riots aside,  Chief Resch’s first 5 months on the job weren’t going too well…

The Citizens of Portland can look in the mirror and see where the BLAME lies. THEY VOTED FOR THIS!

You cannot have ooey-gooey touchy-feely policing and still have a safe city.  Your local street thugs don’t give a damn!

In fact,  the softer you make your local police – to include defunding it,  – or by disbanding certain units,  – the easier you make it for criminals.


Bad ideas have a way of spreading – and then becoming ‘Public Policy’.

It begins when liberals are opposed to the Death Penalty,  – but want public funding for abortions.

Then they want marijuana and other drugs de-criminalized,  – THEN they want them made LEGAL, – AND THEN…the State steps in and wants to open marijuana stores,  – so they can TAX IT.

Then your über-Liberals want the police to ignore the homeless camped on the city sidewalks….

And then White Liberals join with Black Activists – – and want special rules for how Black Criminals are treated by the Police and by the Courts….

And there is anti-American Billionaire George Soros,  – quietly funding every player on the field….

With the riots blazing in front of the Federal Court House – and both Mayor Wheeler and Governor Brown blaming the violence on “Trump and those Federal Troops” (actually Homeland Security officers),  Chief Resch could see an ugly future and stepped down – naming Lieutenant Chuck Lovell to replace her.

Well,  at least Lovell looks like he could be a serious cop.

A HINT to Portland Voters:

Take a look at New England and the Rust Belt and try to understand how your “idyllic quality of life” will change once your major employers decide that your city and your area is no longer a safe place to work and live,  – – and they pull out for safer towns in saner states.

You’ll be amazed at how fast the value of your house drops,  even as your property taxes rise to make up the difference.

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