It’s Déjà-vu In The Democrat Party!

Posted February 5th, 2019 by Iron Mike

They pay high-priced prostitutes,  – they cheat on their spouses,  – they kill unborn and newborn babies with callous indifference,  – they’ve been slave-owners and racists for 191 years , – and of course they lie to the voters.

If you ever wondered why Democrats can’t find decent people to run for office,  – you need to understand the soulless pure evil that is required for a person to embrace and espouse their policies….

They are the party of slavery,  Jim Crow,  the KKK lynchings,  EBT Carts and welfare slavery, abortion,  – failing union-run schools,  – and fronting token Blacks as ‘proof’ that they’re not really racists….

How else would you explain Obama’s election – without him ever having been vetted…?



UPDATE:  Friday, 8 Feb 2019    The Women are coming out of the woodwork,…a second young woman – Meridith Watson – says Justin Fairfax physically forced her to give him oral sex when they were students at Duke University on 2000…

2 Responses to “It’s Déjà-vu In The Democrat Party!”

  1. Vic

    King George III in retrospect wasn’t such a bad guy. BHO’s looking a little too cozy on that couch….

  2. Vince Picarello

    It amazes me how people of any faith or race can vote for these scumbags. Northam is being crucified for his black face??? God forbid he be crucified for his statement on killing live/born babies.