It’s Cannabis Christmas In MassHole!

Posted December 15th, 2016 by Iron Mike

BEWARE of stinky people:  Pot became legal today!

As if driving to and from work wasn’t already dangerous enough,  MassHole’s know-it-ALL LibTurd voters made marijuana legal as of today.  There is a whole new crop of impaired drivers out there,…just waiting to kill you!

The Marijuana know-it-all advocates will give you 25 reasons / arguments why pot isn’t really dangerous – and certainly no more dangerous than booze….


Yet across Massachusetts fire department EMTs are begging to be allowed to carry and use NARCAN…..

….because OVERDOSE calls are skyrocketing!

And YES,  – marijuana IS the GATEWAY DRUG!

So now we’ll watch even more people die on our highways,  – as has been the case out in Washington State – since they legalized pot 4 years ago.

Who benefits?

Politicians ~ think ~ tax revenue will be a boon to the state treasury.   They ALWAYS think about more taxes first…..

And half-wasted voters don’t pay attention to the news….

Pot merchants and growers are hoping for easy money;  – after all,  – they’re just packaging a weed….

Lawyers are rubbing their hands thinking off all the court cases and new precedents they can attach their names to….

Undertakers – who know stupid people still have to be buried.

Tow truck operators,  – because somebody has to haul away the scrap metal.

I’ve always wondered how many early civilizations were brought down – slowly but surely – by marijuana and other drugs.

Can’t wait for the reactions when a politician’s child is arrested, – or killed….   Does that sound too cold-hearted….?

You see,  Democrats always focus on REVENUE,….

–  – never on consequences!

2 Responses to “It’s Cannabis Christmas In MassHole!”

  1. FLICK

    It’s all about a tax grab. A stepping stone to taxing the neighborhood pot stores you’ll see soon. Nevermind the complications from as you illustrated-traffic deaths and increased crime.

    Too many swamps; too little time.

    In a related tax grab, my son-in-law’s parents in Ireland get their water from THEIR hill behind the house which is taxed as grazing land. Since they are not on county water, the county is trying to tax THEIR water obtained from THEIR land.

    Creativity is worldwide.

  2. Raymond Smithson

    Like old people on legal drugs, the only reason you don’t ban cigarettes and booze is the tax money,, let the people have what they want , not what you want