It’s ALL About ABORTION; NOT Kavanaugh

Posted October 5th, 2018 by Iron Mike

To understand the CIRCUS going on in the US Senate these past two weeks, you need to wrap your head around the amount of GOVERNMENT MONEY involved in the business of KILLING unborn babies.

The Abortion Industry has been paying off (bribing) politicians for DECADES,  and refined their techniques of bribery and threats to the point that anybody sitting in Congress and the Senate KNOWS they will have a primary challenger if they don’t protect the murderous industry.

For politicians like Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Jeff Flake,  – all spineless RiNOs on their best days, the pressure they’re feeling is enormous.

Since they long-ago abandoned any shred of honor,  – caving in to Planned Murderhood is easier than standing up to angry feminists.

For Democrats their decision is much easier.

Many are in fact New World Socialists – and they truly believe the Earth is over-populated by some 4 to 6 BILLION people, – and that every baby aborted helps ‘save the planet’.

It is the sick eugenics philosophy of Margaret Sanger – and 100 years later it still thrives in Democrat hearts….

At it’s core it is a philosophy built on racism,  since Sanger considered Jews, Slavs, Blacks, and soldiers as ‘human weeds’.

What is truly amazing,  weird,  and confounding is how many Americans,  – descendants of European Slavs,  Jews,  together with American Blacks fully subscribe to Sanger’s views.

As a gross example we offer the disgusting case of “Doctor” Gosnell – convicted in 2013 of killing Black babies that survived his attempts at late-term abortions.

So the issue before the US Senate today is not really about Judge Brett Kavanaugh – a thoroughly honorable and highly qualified jurist….

It’s about rejecting ANY conservative judge who might believe in the sanctity of Life, and who might be inclined to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The Left wants another Ginsburg,  another Sotomayor,  or another Kagan;  – someone who loves abortion and hates guns,…and as a bonus who will rule against Trump at every turn.

With Ginsburg fast approaching her final days on earth,  Democrats fear that Trump will ‘stack the Court‘ for decades with young,  healthy,  clear-minded Conservatives.

Our Supreme Court is the very last refuge of the falsely accused.

God forbid that it be your case – YOUR DEATH SENTENCE – hanging in the balance before those 9 Justices…..

But if it were,  – wouldn’t you want a Judge Kavanaugh sitting there,  – a man who now fully understands what it’s like to be falsely accused…?

3 Responses to “It’s ALL About ABORTION; NOT Kavanaugh”

  1. Varvara

    Ms Ford works for a pharmaceutical company that makes the morning after pill.

  2. Panther 6

    I have felt it was all about abortion from the start. The left fears Kavanaugh as a Conservative mind on the court. There is too much in the way of $$$ tied up in the abortion industry to allow it to be threatened without a fight.

  3. Leonard Mead

    Today Rush Limbaugh connected all the dots to what now appears to be a completely false, manufactured smear of Judge Kavanaugh by democrat operatives and traitors. Their continued objective is POWER POWER POWER. And to get power back, they continue to try to thwart the 2016 election and stop Trump’s promise to appoint conservative supreme court justices.

    These thugs and traitors with connections to criminals who manufactured the bogus “peeing on the bed” Russian dossier (to submarine Trump’s election) and criminal false application to a FISA court opening the gate to spying on Trump. They dug up “Dr” Ford, coached her, wrote the letter to Feinstein (Dr Ford didn’t because a name used in the letter erroneously referred to a “lifetime friend” as a MAN where the person was actually a woman), and held it until they realized Kavanaugh wasn’t going to be abandoned by Trump or having Kavanaugh quit.

    The rest is democrat criminal history. The result is whipping up paid public crowds to harass, intimidate and attack conservatives everywhere based on democrat lies.

    Down in “the swamp” the democrats on the Judiciary committee ALL KNOW THIS, as do the Republicans. But it is so sordid few want to or can admit they know how low and evil things have become.

    Have a nice day,

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative