It’ll Be Paul vs Paul In Wisconsin

Posted June 7th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Suddenly the 18 – year Congressvermin / Speaker has a challenger back home.   Meet Paul Nehlen.  We think you’ll like him….
Dump Paul Ryan
Less than 4 years ago Ryan stood with Mitt before the Battleship Wisconsin,  and seemed like the perfect man to blow Crazy Old Joe Biden back to Delaware….

2012 opportunity Squandered

But Mitt and now Ryan have failed Republicans and Conservatives,…failed us miserably,  and Ryan seems all negativity with no answers or solutions,  – as he essentially plays Obama’s game on TPP….while bashing both Cruz and Trump.

And here comes Paul Nehlen,  a guy who actually moved a factory back from Mexico…

And Nehlen seems to understand that BORDER ISSUES are way bigger than just keeping out unwanted Mexican peasants…..

…this video makes it crystal clear……the illegal drugs are killing young Americans in horrific numbers,…totally destroying young lives…..

…and there’s NO WALL and NO GUARDS to stop it!

Personal note:  When I first saw southern Wisconsin in 1975,  – it was a thriving industrial area…..

Wisconsin 1st CD

I think you folks who believe in TERM LIMITS,….should help Paul Nehlen apply the ULTIMATE TERM LIMIT to Speaker Ryan!

Help Paul Nehlen

C’mon People,  talk is cheap.   SEND A CHECK!

UPDATE:  Sat 25 June 2016  This is how Paul is spending your campaign cash – hard-hitting billboards!  Send more!

Nehlen billboard

One Response to “It’ll Be Paul vs Paul In Wisconsin”

  1. Hawk1776

    Ryan needs to understand and accept the fact that Trump is the Republican nominee. When he disagrees with Trump he needs to discuss the issue with him rather than mouth off to the press. If he feels Hillary isn’t the answer then he needs to support Trump wholeheartedly. If the Republicans don’t unify they will lose.