It Was The Killers, – Not The Guns!

Posted November 6th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Thursday – Fort Hood:  He was captured on convenience store video yesterday morning doing errands – dressed in traditional Middle-Eastern garb. Then he came onto the post where he is stationed and committed treason and mass murder. Witnesses say Major Nidal Malik Hasan jumped onto a bench in a crowded administrative building – shouted “Allahu Akbar” and began murdering soldiers at close range.  Details still sketchy, but a civilian police officer managed to pump four slugs into him, despite being hit herself. 13 dead, up to 30 wounded or injured. For the moment Hasan is alive.

Friday – Orlando: Two years ago an engineering consulting firm let an engineer go.  This morning, – perhaps triggered by the Fort Hood shootings, – Jason Rodriguez returned to the 16th Floor offices of Reynolds Smith & Hill, and began shooting employees. 1 dead, 5 wounded.  Then he went home to mother.  Maybe at age 40 doing life beats sending out more résumés?  He surrendered peacefully. I guess he wasn’t up for a shoot-out.

We have a lot to take in, and a lot of prayers to say for the dead, the wounded, and their families.

I guess pResident Obama still hasn’t learned from his “Cambridge Cop” moment. He cautioned us not to judge the situation too soon. He should have said “no comment”, other than to mourn and comfort the victims. It is a telling blunder.

If Major Hasan lives, and doesn’t have brain damage, he is facing a general court-martial and likely two death penalties,  one for treason in time of war,  the other for the mass murders.  Remember the crime was committed on post, against soldiers, – by a soldier. This is UCMJ textbook 101 simple, cut and dried simple.  Any attempt to move this into the federal court system will telegraph direct interference from Attorney General Eric Holder [a military hater] and Obama himself [a military hater].

As the Army and the FBI gathers the evidence,  we will learn a lot about Hasan, and his tormented life as a Muslim in America, – hating the country and the system which gave him a free college education and free medical school.  I’m pretty sure we’ll come to see inside the soul of a native-born Jihadi – an al Qaeda dream suicide soldier.  And we’ll be forced to wonder how many more are lurking out there – nearly in plain sight, waiting to martyr themselves for the cause.

In Orlando, Jason Rodriguez will end up going through the system as just another looser-murderer,  a tragic piece of wasted sperm who thought somehow he could avenge all the wrongs in his underachieving life by gunning down defenseless people. A year from now he’ll be swallowed up by the Florida prison system, and find out that in the big house he’s still a distinguished underachieving loser. I’m willing to wager he won’t last five years inside.

By contrast, the press is fascinated by our military justice system and court-martials. There will be a new crop of young talking heads to follow Hasan’s every step through the UCMJ.  He’ll have full press coverage of every hearing and every statement. He’ll be unable to keep his mouth shut, and we are likely to see a succession of defense counsels. He’s likely to be weird and disruptive in the courtroom. He may refuse to wear his uniform. Where is the next F. Lee Bailey? 

Once he’s sentenced the appeals process begins, – and if he gets the death penalty, it ends on Obama’s desk. Which is why Obama’s statement today is regrettable. Because he is the final appeal before execution and he should have remained silent. His WH military advisor, General Jim Jones knows that!

Expect that the anti-gun nuts to jump on these two sad days to renew their call for banning handguns. They’ll totally ignore the dozen or so people around the country in these same two days who were murdered by hand, by knives, blunt instruments, etc. The gun nuts think guns have brains and can load and point themselves.  As we mourn the dead, remember that in both cases their killers counted on them being unarmed and helpless – sitting ducks.  Do not let the liberals and the commies ever disarm or make you helpless,  particularly in your own home!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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