It Seems The MEssiah Was Listening

Posted May 1st, 2010 by Iron Mike

Another honorary degree, teleprompters in place, – another snipe at Middle America.  But from his remarks, – it seems our ZerO-in-Chief has at least heard our words – even as he mocks and misquotes them.  Listen to His Arrogance: 

The sign he is almost certainly deliberately misquoting is “Keep your  hands off my health care”.  I’ve seen many at TEA Parties.   So in the usual fashion of would-be tyrants, deception begins with a lie built around a misquote.  Unchallenged it becomes the truth. 

Remember when Hitler was able to blame the Jews for  “the stab in the back” and when gullible Germans were beginning to swallow that one,  the Jews were suddenly to blame for ALL of Germany’s woes.  Well, you know how well that plan worked.

Why does Obama need to spin lies to us?  Think about that People; – why does he need to lie?  We have enough real problems to solve without him inventing any fake ones.  So why?   What IS his end-game?  Don’t be afraid to ask your liberal friends.  Maybe they have an answer.  They should at least hear the question.

You did note that by going to the 41,000 student über-liberal University of Michigan on May Day, The ZerO was sending a message?  He was.  As for me,  it’s not “government” I’m afreaid of.   It’s BIG government and Obama’s government that scare me.  And yes,  I’m very angry.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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