It Must Suck To Be Obama This Morning!

Posted November 4th, 2009 by Iron Mike

The voters have spoken!  They’re no longer enraptured by THE MEssiah.  Even HIS words, HIS touch, and HIS wonderfulness couldn’t save Corzine or Deeds.  Who could have known that sending the Village Idiot to the Adirondacks would be more effective than MEssiah visitations in NJ and VA?

Up in Maine, – which is pretty liberal, – their Gay Marriage question was defeated, – making it 31 for 31 in every state which had the courage to trust their voters.

In the NY 23rd – with final numbers still not in,  Democrat Owens appears to have won a narrow victory over Conservative Hoffman, – and he can thank Ditsy RiNO Dede, who in a show of pique betrayed the GOP.

We can thank Dede Scuzzybag too, – for making it crystal clear that RiNOs are really Liberals first,  and “Republican” only out of situational convenience at best.   Just as Obama wrote that ‘he will side with the Muslims’, –  these RiNOs will side with George Soros.

I can hardly wait for the White House Spinmongers to step forth and try to convince their ever dwindling audience that somehow “Tuesday’s votes didn’t really matter“.  I wonder how the Blue Dog Democrats in the House are feeling this morning?  I bet Nancy Pelosi will be going for more Botox shots soon.

Rep Bachmann (R)MN

Rep Bachmann (R)MN

Meanwhile over the weekend rising Republican star Rep. Michele Bachmann from Minnesota’s 6th District has called a “Town Hall Meeting” on the steps of the Capitol for high noon Thursday.  Once again the 9/12ers and the TEA Party Patriots are answering the call.  They’re going by the busload!  It should be quite a show.  Maybe since it will be a work day, – just ~ maybe ~ the MSM will cover it?  You think?

I’m thinking that Ms. Bachman is looking like a real ass-kicker, and I wouldn’t mind seeing her on the 2012 ticket.

Oh,  if you haven’t been paying attention,  or you think Obama’s efforts to devalue our US$ and bankrupt the country are going unnoticed around the world just because our MSM and newspapers are ignoring the story, – think again!  Yesterday India swapped 6.7 BILLION US$ for 200 tons of gold – driving the price up to $1,090.90 per troy ounce, up 2.6% for the day.  Their finance minister said simply, “we have the reserves of dollars,  and the US picture isn’t looking too good”.   If Obama & Crooks are allowed to continue, the day will be upon us when other nations will refuse US$ in trade.   Obama is playing to a world audience which gleefully awaits the day when our nation is broke, bankrupt, and unable to influence world events – or even our own destiny.

So the 2010 Mid-Term Election Season began last night even as the votes were being counted. A massive sea-change next November is the ONLY thing which can save our Young Republic from the destruction being wrought by our domestic enemies – the ones in the White House and Congress.  Republicans, these next twelve months are our Valley Forge, our Saratoga, and our Yorktown. We must win these battles, – or live out our days under socialist rule.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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