It Hurts When A Hero Defects

Posted May 31st, 2018 by Iron Mike

I have long been a BIG FAN of this young man;  – now suddenly I am questioning if somebody got to him,  – or if he just isn’t seeing the whole picture.

Toward the end of this 6-min video he gives Trump some really BAD advice.

Maybe it’s just Trey’s long career working with cops as a prosecutor,  – and the fact that he likely never tried to jail an innocent person….that makes him believe the Mueller team is acting honorably….

.but for him to be BLINDED to the evil fact that Mueller’s witch-hunting team is ALL pro-Hillary lawyers is very troubling.

Such a turn-around reminds me of Bernie Sanders suddenly caving in,  – endorsing Hillary,  – and buying an expensive retirement home on North Hero Island the very next day….

Gowdy seems oblivious to the well-known anti-Trump bias of Loretta Lynch and James Comey,  and the cabal of their anti-Trump underlings at DOJ and the FBI.

6 Responses to “It Hurts When A Hero Defects”

  1. Peter S

    Gowdy has been compromised. Follow the money. He now aims to scuttle the Deep State probes. Wonder why he is not running again? People are on to him. Term limits!!!

  2. Ben

    Everything the Clintons do is suspicious; they really should be investigated.
    They are wasting valuable resources on President Trump. The President could be doing this country a world of good if the democrats would show some good faith and work with him.

  3. Rod Stanton

    Trey was never a “hero”. Had he been a hero Lois Lerner would be in her 3rd year in the Grey Bar Hotel. Progrssive Trey talked like a hero but his leftist actions belied his words.

    Now his words are getting closer to his actions.

  4. Kojack

    Trey Gowdy talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

  5. Walter Knight

    Gowdy does not believe the FBI conspired against Trump, and that ‘Bob’ Mueller is doing a good job. Looks like the Swamp needs more draining. Gowdy is smart enough to know better.

  6. Sonny's Mom

    Trey needs to listen to Dan Bongino’s podcast.