It Begins: Hillary’s 2020 Campaign…

Posted October 10th, 2019 by Iron Mike

When you see the NY Times run an op-ed which cuts the legs off Biden’s credibility, – they’re not doing it to help Trump!

Don’t believe for a minute that the Times is suddenly interested in “cleaning up Washington Politics”;  – they just have their preferred crook they want to install.

The Times could have let any of two dozen writers pen that op-ed,  – but they wanted maximum credibility and maximum reaction.

Even the Soros-funded Media Matters responded in anger and shock – without seeing the big picture…

What’s really humorous to watch – is that our Media (Fake Media) has known for decades how corrupt certain Democrats and some Republicans were – enriching themselves at the expense of the People they’re sworn to serve…..

…and they winked and ignored it…..

Until suddenly Crazy Old Joe was well in the lead for 2020,….and they know exactly HOW CRAZY he really is….

So now their choice is between Senator Squaw and the likely return of Sick Wobbly Old Hillary.

Will the media again ignore Hillary’s trail of dead bodies?

Democrats STILL long for the day they get their FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT!  The only question is will it be the Squaw or Murderous Hillary…?

To make way for either the Squaw or Hillary,  Democrats and their medial allies will have to destroy several prominent Democrats.   It should be fun to watch! 


2 Responses to “It Begins: Hillary’s 2020 Campaign…”

  1. Kojack

    No matter who the DUMMYCRATS nominate in the primary she won’t win because the election won’t be close enough for their illegal and deceased votes to steal it.

    The outrageous positions of their candidates will push the mushy middle and the blue collar dems who are still alive to our side.

    It is going to rain moon-bats on 11/04/2020. Don’t walk near any buildings more than 3 stories high.

  2. Sherox

    What is most interesting is that what is going on with Trump’s so-called impeachment is an exact replica of what went on with Nixon after the crooked LBJ was in. Note that this is not an actual impeachment, but a smear campaign. Unless the Trump team goes on the offensive I fear that history will repeat itself.

    Remember that everything Hitler did was legal in Germany.