Israel: Obama’s Re-election Toy

Posted September 15th, 2011 by Iron Mike


The dude in the yellow t-shirt is Hezbollah

It took the patience of many US presidents and secretaries of state – over decades – to broker semi-stable ‘peace’ agreements between Israel and her neighboring Islamic states.

Seemingly in the twinkling of an eye – or the ‘Arab Spring‘, all those efforts have been swept away, leaving Israel isolated and her neighbors emboldened.

The war I was sure would come in 2010, – didn’t. It didn’t come this summer. I think the Spring of 2012 is a sure bet.

The storming of the Israeli Embassy in Cairo – unopposed by Egyptian police or military forces is a chilling signal that the Muslim Brotherhood is likely calling the shots.

The timing is of interest – calculated to be buried on our Page 3 as news of 9/11 dominates both the press and the airwaves.

The easiest way for fledgling Arab governments in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Iraq, and for the Turks and the Persians – to deflect public anger and attention away from their failings is to point the accusatory finger at Israel.

The easiest way to empty city streets of angry unemployed young men is to hand them an AK-47 and put them on the road to Jerusalem. If they make it – rejoice!  If they get killed, – ah well, more martyrs – and a problem solved.


Iranian made Zelzal SCUDs

But Israel’s enemies are not just nation-states any more. Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank, Hezbollah, and even Al Qaeda are now in the mix.

Turkey is looking for a way to use the age-old Arab-Israeli antagonism to it’s own advantage. They represent a credible naval and air threat.

The wild card today is the ongoing revolution in Syria. If the rebels win and overthrow Bashar al-Assad, there could be a summer of respite next year.

But the greater danger is that Assad’s huge stockpile of sophisticated missiles and ManPADs will fall into Hezbollah hands. Certainly Syria has the remnants of Saddam’s WMD stock, and probably still some nuclear material from North Korea, – all dangerous stuff in the hands of zealots. In fact, all of Syria could suddenly become a Hezbollah-ruled nation, and key Iranian forward base on the Mediterranean.




Israel had best gear herself for an ugly fight.

The various Arab, Turkish, and Persian haters of Israel are taking into their calculations that the Russians will quietly aid them, and that Obama will not aid Israel.

What does Obama have to gain from a Middle East war against Israel?

Answer:  Stagecraft, distraction, leverage,…and satisfaction.

Stagecraft: Any war in the greater Middle East will take up print and air time – time that the MSM will not tell the story of our imploding economy, our unemployment rates, and our foreclosure rates. Obama the narcissist can make two press announcements a day – hogging the TV time Republican candidates need to get their message across. Photos can be released showing him ‘being presidential’ – getting briefings, on the phone, studying maps . . . stagecraft.

Distraction: If Iran pops an atomic bomb, or Hezbollah launches ‘dirty’ missiles at Israel, the press will focus on nothing else for weeks.

Leverage: The more dire the Israelis predicament – the more Obama can tell American Jews to vote for him, ‘or else…’.

Satisfaction:  You decide, – is Obama really a Muslim, or not?  Has he shown any level of respect or affection for Israel, – or has he been calculating in his visit, his words, and cold in his actions?

American Jews who voted for Obama in 2008 should consider this new equation carefully. 

Re-electing Obama greatly endangers Israel. If you ever expect to see the Wall, best go now while you can – and while it’s still there.

And if the Persians do manage to build an atomic bomb, what’s left of the Wall may glow in the dark.

As for us here in the USA – ALL OF US – if Obama gets a second term, get comfortable with being a subject [not a citizen] in a third world police state.

Yes, give the Obama cartel another 4 years to disassemble our Constitution and our economy, and we’ll be just another third world socialist oligarchy.

You think 37 czars are bad? Wait until he appoints one per state!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Israel: Obama’s Re-election Toy”

  1. w.b. cunningham

    I am trying to understand which is worse the Republican Party or the Terrerist’s. They are both destroying this great nation, but the republican’s are inside our country and no radar will spot their plots.

    Get your act together or get the hell out.

  2. Iron Mike

    Well there W B, you’ll be VERY frustrated looking for ‘Republican plots‘ – radar or no radar. We have none.

    We just want the kind of government specified in our Constitution. And we’d really prefer that our elected officers meet the constitutional requirements, – you know – by virtue of birth, citizenship, and age. We’d also prefer they not have hidden pasts, hidden college records, hidden agendas, and unexplained social security numbers.

    Doesn’t seem too much to ask for, does it?