Ismael Ozanne Is Walkin’ The Dog

Posted March 31st, 2011 by Iron Mike

Ismael is one real busy County Attorney

He’s found a very friendly judge and he’s spending all his time with her.

So much time that he cannot possibly prosecute a DEATH THREAT case.  SEE UPDATE 8:15 PM Thursday.

Remember what things were like in Wisconsin just a few weeks ago?

Hundreds of people were occupying the State Capitol building, sleeping overnight – crowds of tens of thousands of union teachers in the streets, the Democrat ‘FleeBaggers’ had fled across state lines – all in an effort to kill Governor Scott Walker’s “Budget Repair Bill”.

In the end a version of the bill was passed, and Walker signed it – and sent it to the SecState to be published.  It ~ looked ~ like the entrenched public sector unions had lost this round.


Into the fray jumps a young District Attorney – Ismael Ozanne – who until recently had been a bankruptcy attorney – until outgoing Democratic Governor Jim Doyle appointed him to fill the vacancy.  Ozanne decides to sue the Republicans on the basis that somehow they had violated the open meeting law – despite the presence of hundreds of protesters in the building.

And lifetime über-liberal Judge Maryann Sumi agreed with him and ruled the law invalid.

SEIU Son Jake

She ~ may ~ have consulted her son – Jake Sniderbrand – who used to do organizing work for a local union [the SEIU].  [Obviously no possible conflict of interest there.  Phew!]

But being a liberal, the exact wording of her ruling failed to stop Walkier having the law published in the state record.

Yesterday Ozanne was back in court looking for a do-over.  Liberal judges like Sumi are inclined to grand do-overs to fellow liberals.  The Ozanne–Sumi relationship gets cozier by the minute.


That’s exactly what Wisconsin Law Enforcement wants to know.  What about it Mister Ozanne – when are you going to file charges against this criminal?

Back on March 9th ~ someone ~ sent a vicious and very specific e-mail death threat to all the Republican members of the Wisconsin Senate.  We reported it then.

Within 48 hours the Wisconsin DoJ had tracked down the sender, confiscated her computer, and obtained her confession.  Great police work guys!! 

She is in her mid-20s, a graduate of a local junior college, and her mother works in the Madison school system in a professional capacity.

But the Wisconsin DoJ is keeping her name secret?  Why?  Would you like to know if your next-door neighbor has been making death threats?

The case was referred to DA Ozanne’s off on Friday March 18thTWO FULL WEEKS AGO.  Ozanne has the computer, the email, the confession, and the suspect.  What’s he waiting for?

He’s waiting for the MSM and the local press and the bloggers to forget about it and move on.  ‘Nothing to see here folks – move on please’.

Yeah, right.  If I wrote anything threatening here on RRB – there would be black SUVs in the driveway before I could proofread the piece.

The public has a right to know if this young lady has a disturbed history, a criminal history, has access to firearms, and if she has accomplices.

Is she the Madison version of Tucson’s Jared Laughner?

Or are Madison’s Democrats just trying to whitewash the embarrassing fact that the most violent act of the year was committed by a known liberal – and daughter of a school employee?  Is mom also a Democratic Contributor?

Is Ozanne going to prosecute the crime – or bury it in hopes it will go away?  I spoke with him last week and he was as evasive and slithering as a really big man can be.

Is he far more interested in trying to kill off the Budget Repair Bill – something his union buddies want him to doing, than he is interested in prosecuting a death threat?

Will he to try maneuvering the case in front of his favorite dancing partner – Judge Sumi – and give her the wink-wink as she dismisses it for…lack of evidence…for delay in timely prosecution…for being a good Democratic contributor…?

After all, – the victims were only those damned Republicans.  It was almost a victimless crime?

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Will we see Sumi & Ozanne on “Dancing with the Stars?”

Back when I was a young soldier – we used the term “walking the dog‘ to refer to somebody screwing off – pretending to be doing something useful – but really just trying to get out of doing any heavy lifting.  It became a popular song along about 1965.

And in more news from Dane County:

For Immediate Release:               Contact: Blake Gober-
March 30, 2011                                            Jeff Waksman-

Republican Party of Dane County Apologizes To Judge Sumi

The Republican Party of Dane County sent out a press release on March 29th criticizing Judge Maryann Sumi for holding up the publication of Governor Scott Walker’s collective bargaining reform bill.

Upon further reflection we’d like to apologize for not understanding her point of view.

Sure, Governor Walker’s bill is unquestionably constitutional, increases worker’s rights and helps local government balance budgets without having to fire public workers. The Wisconsin state legislature consulted with their non-partisan parliamentarian to make sure that the passage of the bill followed the rules of the Senate and Assembly. But this isn’t about the law, is it?

The Republican Party of Dane County recognizes that Judge Sumi is a leftist living in Dane County. Her friends are leftists living in Dane County. Her son is a left wing activist in Dane County. She goes to cocktail parties held by leftists in Dane County. She shops at organic gourmet food shops run by leftists living in Dane County. If she were to enforce the law of Wisconsin and do what was in the best interest of the people of Wisconsin, she’d be exiled from her lifestyle. She’d lose her friends!

The leadership of the Republican Party of Dane County have all made the choice to stand against the Dane County elite. We accept that Left feels righteous vandalizing our homes and keying our cars. It’s only fair. We disagree based upon logic and principle. That is intolerable! We prioritize the Constitution and the well being of the people of Wisconsin over foie gras at cocktail parties. That’s the choice we made. We respect Judge Sumi’s decision to live her life with the rich diversity that liberals cherish.

UPDATE:  8:15 PM Thursday March 31st:

Not So Sweet

Well guess what a little public, local press and blogger pressure can do?

An indictment!  26 year old Katherine R. Windels of Cross Plains [nearby town] who is a grad of Masidon Area Technical College and has worked in local pre-school daycare facilities.  Both her parents in the medical profession.  Early childhood in Jerico, Vermont.

Two counts of creating a bomb scare and two counts of email death threats.

UPDATE: Ismael ran for Wisconsin Attorney General in 2014 – but came in a sad 3rd with just 42,555 votes (15.4%) in the August Democratic Primary. The General Election November 4th was won by Republican Brad Schimel.

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  1. Tom Gilroy

    Unfortunately there are too many Judge Sumis and her ilk. They have been appointed by liberal governors or even elected by the liberal electorate. Just listen to the comments of our most recent appointee to SCOTUS who represents the moonbat fringe and be fearful of the future.