Islam’s Plan For You [Graphic]

Posted August 25th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Murder On the HighwayIn the wide-open lawless lands of Eastern Syria and Western Iraq,  bands of al Qaeda roam,  continuing the kinds of religious murder that have gone on for 1400 years.

In this video they stop truck drivers, question them to see if they are Sunni [acceptable]. When the men cannot answer correctly – and reveal they are in fact Alawites, – they are executed.

These murdering goons are the very people Obama is already helping.

Note the video was shot from several angles, – i.e. carefully planned and staged.

Try to remember this video when you see an American MoonBat with one of those stupid Coexist bumper stickers. There is no ‘co-existence’ with 7th Century stupidity!  The killing begins at the 8 minute mark.

NOTE:  Unarmed – these three guys stood NO CHANCE!  Remember THAT when some left-wing loon wants you to surrender your guns.   Bad guys NEVER surrender their guns!

7 Responses to “Islam’s Plan For You [Graphic]”

  1. Walter Knight

    If we were to aid and arm the Free Syrian Army and the Kurds in their fight against Assad and Al Quaeda, as Senator McCain has suggested, these thugs would be driven out or killed. But no, you paint all the freedom fighters with the same Al Quaeda brush that Assad paints. Assad cannot be believed anymore than Kadaffi.

    We have allies in the Middle East against terrorism. It is not practical to fight Middle East terrorism without Arab allies.

  2. Mark

    These are the demons from hell. Liberals are the ones opening the doors to hell.

  3. Tom

    In addition to the coexistence bumper stickers, I saw a similar one today that said “tolerance” with the same symbology. These folks are clueless and will be the first to meet their fate. Lock and load!!

  4. Casey Chapman

    These same idiots that have “coexist and tolerance” bumper stickers on their cars, are some of the Least tolerant people on the face of the earth.

  5. Hawk1776

    The Middle east is a fetid and festering sewer. If only England had won the Crusades.

    I keep hoping that with increased exposure to the outside world things will improve, but so far that hasn’t been the case. The “anointed one’s” Middle East policy has been a disaster. (But that’s consistent with all of his other policies). Since the “anointed one’s” chief minion is John Kerry, who could expect a different result?

  6. Varvara


    1. What happened to the trucks and cargo?

    2. Where did these bad guys get the cameras?

    3. Who taught them cinematography?

    4. How & when did they know the trucks would be passing?