Islam CAN Drive You Insane

Posted July 19th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Bash your forehead onto your prayer rug long enough, hard enough – and you might become criminally stupid too!
Mabul Shoatz aka Merv Mitchell

So you’re a fervent convert to Islam – one of America’s new Black Muslims – and you run a little mosque in Philly….

Meet Mabul Shoatz [born Mervin Mitchell] the Imam at Masjid Ar-Razaqq Il-Karim – a mosque in a converted residential home in the 1100 block of 63rd Street.

A 46-yr old member was accused of stealing money from prayer jars.

Doesn’t seem there was much evidence – and even less of a trial. Shoatz and another imam dragged the victim out back and attempted to remove his hand with a machete.

The machete was dull, – the victim was hospitalized and will require reconstructive surgery. Who will pay for it? Shoatz was arrested, his associate is still on the run.

So ya’ gotta ask yourselves: At what point in their adventures with Islam did these two wiz kids come to believe that they were empowered to pass judgment and entitled to administer behandings?

How many Americans understand that this barbaric form of Sharia Law is quietly becoming more common in the Islamic under-culture of this country?

How many Americans with those stupid COEXIST signs understand this is Islam’s plan for all of us?

NO Stupid People – this stuff doesn’t just happen in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and across North Africa. It’s come to America – because you embraced it!   You thought you were being cool, – and inclusive!

Philly MosqueJust hang up a cheap sign and you’ve got yourself a tax-exempt Mosque too.

6 Responses to “Islam CAN Drive You Insane”

  1. Casey Chapman

    The same type of stupid insipid idiots who put coexist stickers on their Priuses [Prii per Toyota] today, have parents who fell for hari krishna back in the 60’s. Wake up, people. You are, with your stupidity, putting your society and your COUNTRY at risk.

  2. Varvara

    Sharia Law takes precedence over Constitutional Law, or so they think. No, it does not and the sooner these people realize this everyone will be much happier and be able to keep their hands. I believe the dumb person should be charged for the surgery.

    The dull machete should be confiscated and it’s owner jailed for having a ‘knife’ with a blade longer than 6″.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    There have actually been efforts to allow Sharia law in some state, Michigan comes to mind where Dearborn leads in Muslim residents. Behanding, stoning, burying alive, hanging and beheading these are just some of the punishments for crime in Islam, the Religion of Peace. In the UK and France where the numbers of Muslims have become even more violent and vocal, sharia law is more than a threat, it’s a reality.

    Theses are the same barbarians who in the city of Mosul, Iraq, just two days ago, desecrated the Christian University, the Churchs ordered the Christians to convert, pay or die. This was a Christian city for over 1700 years, long before the appearance of Mohammed. The city has been totally evacuated by the fleeing Christians for fear of genocide and we hear nothing from the administration and only reported on FNC.

    Be aware, these fanatics are the worlds greatest threat.

  4. Robert Cappucci

    On the Orange Line of the MBTA subway system, a series of ads for people to visit a Mosque in Boston are displayed with the words: “Islam, A Religion Of Peace.”

    I can’t help but think of enslaved women, sodomized boys, Christian slaughter, and terrorist attacks. Or the radical Islamists who openly call for Sharia Law to dominate the entire world.

    The sheeple of the Greater Boston area eat up the false notion of Islam being a “religion of peace” because the liberal media barely, if ever, reports on the true barbarism that is Islamic radicalism. Iron Mike should be the director of political news at WCVB.

    Islam is no religion “of peace.” In fact, it’s not a religion at all. It’s a political belief system of conquest and domination that terrorizes, intimidates, indoctrinates and murders those who stand up to and against the evil passages of the Qu’ran. How many heads have to be lobbed off before the world realizes this?


    Gads Robert! Me,…part of the corrupt MSM?

    Sir, what have I ever done to you?!?

  5. Mark

    I think Robert hit the nail on the head.

  6. Walter Knight

    Mervin should have settled for just taking a finger.