ISIS vs Syria: No Mercy, No Quarter!

Posted August 25th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Parts of this propaganda video are boring, other parts sickening. ISIS shows off it’s sophistication in tactics, it’s no-quarter rules of engagement, and it’s use of modern technology.

This should scare you, – because while Obama may try to keep Americans out of this war, ISIS has entirely different ideas. Should Syria and Iraq fall, – they’re coming here.

Our Rules of Engagement and our UCMJ will have to be adjusted for this kind of warfare. Do you think it appropriate to try these goons in a civilian criminal court?  Remember what you just saw – shooting bound prisoners and beheading wounded.

3 Responses to “ISIS vs Syria: No Mercy, No Quarter!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Have you wondered why Obama and the administration refers to the enemy as ISIL or the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant and others as ISIS or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria? It’s really very political and very revealing. If you remember the administration led us to believe that the Assad Army was gassing civilians, when in fact this was another propaganda lie. We were arming and supporting the rebels that would become ISIS by running guns from Libya through Turkey to Syria. The administration wants you to forget the intelligence, diplomatic and tactical blunder and continues the lie by not referring to Syria as part of this emerging caliphate.

  2. Mark

    The gates of hell are wide open.

  3. Danna Palmer

    I watched the sickening video of a young journalist’s mother pleading for his life by disassociating herself with the United States Military. She was in sympathy with the Muslims for the terror imposed on them by Israel and Americans. She apologized for the role the United States has in the Middle East. And she thought she was gaining sympathy in the eyes of these madmen. She has not listened to anything our own military experts have learned and tried to teach us – that this mindset is not reasonable, nor is it capable, nor more importantly, interested in reasoning. They are interested in terror, death, horror, torture . . . all to further their cause. And they are not the recipients of violence, but the perpetrators of it. Violence is their M.O. We shall see as the day progresses if her pleas were heard. I suspect they were not. Instead, she is being mocked. Another American sucker.

    What? You say were it my son, I would feel differently? No. These convictions are born deep within us, and for me, they are rooted spiritually as well. My youngest son, so brave and true, would never denounce this precious union he grew to appreciate so much on 9/11. He committed that day to Never Forget . . . and he committed his own life to the fight for the preservation of our freedoms. He studied, learned, trained, went through hell and back with his Marine brothers to learn the ways of our enemies. He knew that the war is not “their” problem. He knew that the ultimate goal is to conquer the entire world.

    They are on their way. Sharia law is here. We have special ops studying the movement and intentions of the Muslim nation, placed strategically in think tanks and in our own government. They tirelessly commit to informing our legislators who largely turn a deaf ear. It’s not profitable to believe what is coming to our shores. Nor is it politically correct.

    My son died fighting fiercely for the spirit of freedom to reign for his brothers and friends, and those who followed him. He ordered me NEVER EVER to give in, or to give up on the goodness of this country, and to NEVER EVER renounce it for his sake should he become a hostage. Thankfully, we did not have to go that route. Mercifully, he died in a Humvee explosion at the hands of the insurgency in 2006. Sgt. Cory Palmer, I salute you. I stand proudly looking at your portrait with that signature “shit-eatin’ grin” as you stand your ground with our beloved Marines in Iraq. Semper Fidelis. Godspeed my darling son.