ISIS Releases Shoot-Down Video…

Posted October 31st, 2015 by Iron Mike

    …and claims THEY shot down the Russian passenger jet over the Sinai – killing 224 people – including 25 kids.   Egyptian officials say they’ve got the black boxes,   so this claim may be proven an exaggerated propaganda boast,  – but ISIS delights in claiming responsibility for tragedies.
ISIS claims shoot-down
Meanwhile, just remember Qaddafi’s 20,000 ManPADS that Obama forgot to police up

There remains the possibility that ISIS was involved,  – by placing a bomb aboard before the aircraft took off from the vacation town of Sharm el-Sheikh – either in the food and beverage supplies, – or in the luggage bins.

With wreckage scattered across a 3-mile area in the Northern Sinai – I’d have to believe the aircraft came apart at altitude – at least 3,000 feet – likely higher. The pilot radioed he had a problem and was trying to reach the nearest runway.

Doomed A321

But ISIS has a fuzzy video of a shoot-down,  just to add the element of terror.  

It would be impossible for one of those old Qaddafi ManPADS [max altitude 11,000 feet] to reach up as high as this airliner should have been flying,  – and at THAT altitude, – a missile strike wouldn’t have been able to have been filmed.

My educated guess is that this video is old – from some other barbaric shoot-down – perhaps in Africa.  ISIS was just keeping it for a convenient tragedy – “never let a crisis or dead bodies go to waste…”

So by making this boastful claim,  ISIS may have unwittingly unleashed Russian Hell upon themselves, – as Putin will be honor-bound to exterminate them – and he won’t handcuff his troops with any ‘Rules of Engagement‘.

But they are animals – for adding the element of Islamic Terror to this tragic end of a holiday trip.

There is no doubt that ISIS wants to shoot down airliners,…and sooner or later….

Terrorist with SA-7

7th Century mentality armed with 21st Century war-fighting technology,…do you think that either Bernie Sanders or Hillary have a CLUE…?


UPDATE:  Friday 6 Nov 2015   As we suspected, the “shoot-down video” is of a different act of Muslim barbarism; – this Russian jet liner was most likely brought down by a bomb.

Cargo Hold Bomb


UPDATE: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 ISIS admits – BRAGS – they brought it down with an IED published a photo of how they did it.


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  1. Tom Gilroy

    My thoughts exactly. Let’s see how fast the Black Box data is released? Other countries have suspended flights over the Sinai. What will we hear from Obsma? Nothing!!

  2. Catherine

    Interesting corollary to your post here: