ISIS Jihad On Bastille Day!

Posted July 15th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was from Tunisia.  Like many Tunisians he was in France as a result of the collapse of the French Empire after World War Two.  Last night in the seaside town of Nice, he drove along their boardwalk – and managed to kill 84 people, and injured over 100 others.
Jihad in Nice France
Will Obama manage to condemn “Radical Islamic Jihad” today?  Or are those particular words forbidden to a Muslim?

Carnage in Nice France

Mohamed Lahouaiej BouhlelMohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel should have been grateful to France.  When the French Empire in North Africa collapsed,  France graciously took in many families of their former colonial civil servants – least they be killed by revolutionary mobs.

But in the 60 long years since the first Tunisian refugees arrived in France,  three generations of French-born Tunisians have refused to assimilate,  – choosing instead to live in squalid ghettos and festering in their resentment of the French and all things Christian and Western.

Now young French Arabs have been traveling to Syria – joining ISIS for awhile,  and returning to France to carry out individual acts of world-wide Jihad.

Path of Death

Obama has helped spread this Jihad movement by bringing thousands of unvetted and undocumented Syrian ‘refugees’ into the US in secrecy, – under the cover of darkness.

Donald Trump said a year ago that this should halt– at least until we can figure out how to sort the peaceful ones from the jihaddis…

At RRB we are the first to say that we cannot condemn all Muslims for the actions of a few.

Roxbury Mosque

BUT,…until the so-called ‘peaceful majority’ proves they are willing to stand up and rat out the evil monsters lurking in their mosques,…

…we have a perfectly justifiable right to be suspicious of all Muslims, – and wary of their motivation.

As for Obama,….7½ years of hidden documents and duplicity give us EVERY REASON to suspect his complicity.

Obama at the Islamic Society of Baltimore

He has gone far beyond appointing a few token Muslims to his staff and his cabinet.  He has saturated key departments,  like State,  DoD,  the intelligence services,  and Homeland Security with a horde of outspoken Muslim activists,  – giving us EVERY reason to suspect his motivation and his loyalty.

Obama's Muslims

And then there is his treatment of Israel and the Iran nuclear deal….

So now we await the copy-cats….

Meanwhile, it sure looks like police forces everywhere need to take a little target practice.

Target practice needed

French cops just learned that shooting accurately at an advancing target is WAY harder than qualifying on a pistol range.

And remember folks, Hillary will bring her own coterie of Muslim courtiers…

IMMA Huma Abedin

UPDATE:  1 PM Fri 15 July 2016   New numbers….84 dead [includes 2 Americans], 202 wounded, – 25 on life support, – 52 critical….

5 Responses to “ISIS Jihad On Bastille Day!”

  1. Jim Gettens

    Sharia = 7th Century Retrograde Vicious Troglodytes.

    Sharia is incompatible with the principles and forces that led to the rise of Western Civilization, with its core values of individual freedom, religious liberty, creativity, innovation, dynamism, free press, free market capitalism, and democratic-republic governments.

    All contemporary Islamic societies are repressive, backward, and cesspools of intellectual, spiritual, and economic stagnation.

    Every Islamofascist Sharia-espousing Knuckle-dragger in the U.S. should be put on a Terror Watchlist. They should be treated and regarded as rabid dogs.

  2. Panther 6

    Newt Gingrich said it well on FOX. Denounce sharia or you can’t come here. I would go a step further. Sign this document denouncing sharia and if we ever find you violated this agreement we will seize all your worldly goods and ship you and your family back where you came from. IF you ever do some nefarious act in the name of allah, after we kill you, your family will be sent back penniless to what ever piece of garbage country you came from.
    Harsh but the lives of our citizens are on the line.

  3. Hawk1776

    Obama is a weak President in lame duck status. At best he’s a closet Muslim and at worst he’s hardcore. He won’t do anything about terrorism and probably won’t blame radical Islam. He will make the same banal comments he’s made for seven and one half years. He will offer no new ideas. He will continue to show his complete lack of leadership. Anyone expecting otherwise will be disappointed.

  4. Jim Gettens

    This is when Barack HUSSEIN Obama slipped and came out of his Muslim closet:

  5. Kojack

    Sounds like they need stricter truck control in France to go along with their strict gun control. They are equally as effective….not!!!