Is Your Community Secure?

Posted March 12th, 2011 by Jim Ettwein

Socialist Workers Alliance rep

Iron Mike and I went to the Governor’s meeting this afternoon in Framingham to find out the community’s opinion of the Secure Communities Act.  This is currently in use in Boston and has removed nearly 300 felons from the streets and had them deported.  It was a fun time.  Not that they intended it to be fun, be we had fun with it.

Just before the meeting got started, a guy walked up to Mike and me and told us that photography wasn’t allowed.  We both took umbrage at this suggestion.  Iron Mike asked him who he was and he told us his name [Ambrose Faturoti], and that he worked in the Governor’s Office of Community Affairs.  When Iron Mike pressed him he couldn’t produce any identification.  Not even a business card.  (Cheekily, Iron Mike asked him for his driver’s license… which he also refused to produce.) 

Figuring that he wasn’t an “official” with any sort of power, we continued taking pictures of the meeting.  At least twice other people came by trying to make us stop.  None were successful.  At the beginning of the meeting the person at the front of the audience made a general announcement – first in Spanish, next in Portuguese, finally in English – announcing that ‘photography was not allowed’.  In spite of it being a public meeting.  In spite of it being held in a public building.  We continued taking pictures.

(With apologies for the long preamble above, but it was too funny not to retell.)

There was  brief presentation by the Governor’s office (he was in Israel at the time) on the Secure Communities Act.  Their position was that the Patrick administration was against this law.  The Patrick administration was against any version of the AZ law (which this isn’t).  The Patrick administration was against anything that would hinder illegal immigration.

Just FYI, this Power Point presentation was in such tiny print that nobody had any chance of reading the items. 

Now, the Secure Communities act doesn’t involve profiling, racial or otherwise.  It merely says that when anyone is arrested, their fingerprints are transmitted to the FBI.  The FBI either clears the person, or identifies them as an illegal alien.  If they are illegal, the FBI notifies ICE who determines if they want the person held for deportation.  That’s it.  If you’re illegal and not guilty of a class 1 (major) crime, nothing further happens.

She tried to block us... we would not be blocked!

There was a lot of testimony from both sides.  Even your illustrious State Senator, Jamie Eldridge showed up.  (But, true to form, he left immediately after he spoke.)  He never made it through his speech due to heckling and overshouting.  How rude! 🙂  The Governor even supplied translators for those present who couldn’t speak English.  They supplied headphones so that they illegals er, non-English-speakers could listen in.  When these people wanted to speak, translators went to them with microphones so that they could translate what they wanted to say to the group.  It was pathetic. 

The guy next to me, a representative of the Socialist Workers Alliance (see pic) didn’t appreciate the humor when I told him I was sending the pics from my phone to ICE representatives waiting outside for a signal.  Some people can’t take a joke.  There was a lot of general acrimony on both sides.  Discussion was heated at times.  But, all in all, we all got to speak and present our point-of-view.  There were some women near Iron Mike and me who tried to put themselves between us and the person we were attempting to photograph.  I took it a few times, but finally said, “Ma’am, you touch me again, I’m calling the police!”  She backed off.

This was the second in a dozen or so of these events.  I don’t think anything will change, but it is important that we all show up so that we can make sure our voice is heard. 

I yield the rest of the space to Iron Mike who will probably do the afternoon more justice than I.  rr

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Hi Folks,

Wow!  It was an eye-opening afternoon to say the least.  The Governor’s crew of left-wing pro-amnesty slickies came with an agenda and they sure weren’t expecting any conservatives, Republicans, or TEA Party people to show up.  

They were taken aback by the presence of some 40 people, – more so when we resisted their unconstitutional attempts to restrict our free speech. 

The ‘no cameras’ gambit was the tip-off.  They were recording these meetings and they wanted NO pro-Secure Community voices recorded.  You can thank the Greater Northborough TEA Party for disrupting their plans.  Opposition voices were there, and despite being outnumbered 10 – 1, we were heard.

The Socialists and their MoonBat allies [aka useful idiots] were out in full force, – socialists, SEIU, some outspokenly leftist preachers, aging hippies,  – it was almost like a trip back in time to the 60s anti-war movement.

The various governor’s staffers were conspicuous for their hostility towards anybody opposed to their game plan.  I would cite Richard ChaconAmbrose Faturoti, and Josiane Martinez.  I gave Ms. Martinez my copy of the US Constitution and suggested strongly that she read it, with emphasis on the 1st Amendment.  Several staffers refused to give us their names. 

Curtis Wood – supposedly an ‘information executive’ in the Public Safety Division looks like an official apologist whose sole job is to keep the federal law enforcement agencies from getting their job done, and to make apologies to the immigrant community – legal and illegal.  Wood and Chacon made it very clear the Patrick Administration is TOTALLY PRO-Immigrant – they can’t even see the word ‘ILLEGAL’.

I’d sum up the testimony [statements] of the anti-Secure Cities crowd as follows:

   –  We’re here and we work hard

   –  We all have tales of woe from the old country

   –  We live in fear of the police because we all know somebody who got deported

   –  We don’t want the law implemented because it might catch us

   –  we want to stay in the country – we’re waiting for amnesty

   –  [many of us] are in the SEIU or other unions.

   –  We would really like you to ignore our illegal status.

None of them acknowledged that their very act of BEING HERE is a violation of the law.

JamieBoy Eldridge [who looks like he’s finally lost his baby fat] got the biggest cheer when he said “…I’m for all immigrants, legal and illegal”.  Then he made his exit. 

A funny moment – as we departed the campus building there was a large sign on the lobby wall:  “Photo ID required for all transactions”.  Gee, what’s hard about that?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

The MetroWest Daily News story:

Marlborough Patch story [w/ picture of an ugly old guy]:

Below: Special Assistant Ambrose Faturoti [holding mic]  who wouldn’t show ID but told us we couldn’t take pictures.

Hey Governor Patrick – are you paying attention?

9 Responses to “Is Your Community Secure?”

  1. B Howell

    Good job gentlemen!

  2. Rick Cappucci

    Thank God we showed up. The Governor had a stacked deck at that forum and his people were shocked when we strolled in. If you noticed the meeting was delayed by nearly 30 minutes. The meeting was supposed to start promptly at 2:00. When we came in the governors people went to the phones and vans of immigrants who did not even speak any English rolled in around 2:25 and then the meeting started! By the way the two young girls holding that sign spoke no English and had no idea what those signs even said!

  3. britsarmymom

    Necessary apparel: ICE hat or tee shirt

  4. Wayne S Hancock

    Great job to all who stood for right in a room full of wrong. We at the Clinton Tea Party say thank you.

  5. Rick Cappucci

    I think that it is very important that any Tea Party members or friends out there find out where the next meeting is being held and we have to show up. We raised the bar a bit by showing up for the Framinmgham meeting now they will probably come with reenforcements next time. If anyone has info regarding the meeting, please let us know.

  6. Jim Rizoli

    Glad to see you guys there.
    We were out numbered by quite a bit but I think we surprised them.

    No Surrender!

    Jim Rizoli

  7. Joe Rizoli

    For the discussion of Secure Communities here are some time spots in the Audio for some responses, some PRO-American for the Law, some not.

    Some time spots not printed here were TRANSLATED because the people spoke NO ENGLISH. Hmmmmm can you say ILLEGAL. They are Not supposed to even be working here in America, YET they had the right to speak even though they can’t vote in America.

    My comments explain most of the speakers.

    Joe Rizoli

    5:50 into discussion Mike Skoppa ( sp ) Great points
    Asked ‘Why is there an advocate AGAINST this Secure Communities on the panel?’

    8:20 Sydney Pires….Brazilian against Secure Communities…..a nut
    job, typical AMERICAN Brazilian, you wonder what is AMERICAN about

    14:00 Jim Rizoli speaks:
    ‘This program is to protect YOU ( the immigrants )’

    18:53 Megan Christopher, Lawyer who represents the Illegal ‘victims’
    in court as domestic violence victims. She should be in jail, but who
    am I to judge hehehehe I have a lot to say about Megan Christopher but
    I’ll hold my tongue.

    23:25 Kevin Dwyer from the Socialist Party……Yikes are we in
    trouble if he gets his way…..

    28:11 State Rep Jamie Eldridge speaks his treason. Votes AGAINST this
    program. Sided with the Illegal Immigrants. HE should be deported to
    Brazil or Columbia. This guy is a total disgrace for a State Rep.
    A Lawmaker supporting the Law breakers

    Here is his tweet about the incident:

    >>>>Just testified against Secure Communities proposal, was interrupted multiple times by screaming angry opponents of immigrants…… via Twitter for Android>>>>

    Notice, he LIES and doesn’t mention ILLEGAL immigrants

    31:00 Jim Gettens: Illegal Immigration is a FEDERAL CRIME, he
    speaks as a lawyer and spelled it out rather nicely.

    36: 33 Mike Farquhar in pictures 7 and 9 above. Spoke about 3
    Nuns killed by Illegal Immigrants. ‘You come to this country through
    the back door. Leave and come back LEGALLY.’

    39:22 Fausto DeRocha spoke nonsense, says police already arrest
    criminals…bla bla bla obviously as an American and a Brazilian is
    AGAINST this program.

    42 48: Eduardo Oliveria 1st two photos above by him.
    Asked: ‘Chicago didn’t sign on for this program so why should Boston?’

    43 :33 Father Albert Spanker from St Stephens told about a ’24 year
    old arrested as a passenger in a car driven by another illegal. HE got
    Sob sob, good more should be arrested along with Father Spanker…..

    51:22 Carlos Valadares speaks: Carlos was the FIRST Brazilian I ever
    met back in 1991.
    I videotaped a Brazilian wedding for him when he got sick ( only paid
    me half the money ) O well.

    52:33 A ‘Babara’ asked
    ‘Why didn’t you invite ICE to this program? Don’t you think it would
    be fair to invite them?’

    54:51 Rick of Framingham says ‘You got to obey the Law’

    57:22 Joe Rizoli Speaks: DEFENDS the ILLEGALS who get ripped off from employers.
    Then says that Document fraud is a CRIMINAL act….All the Illegals
    are thus CRIMINALS, hehehe

    58:25 Ilma Paixao Brazilian radio personality and arch enemy of the
    Rizoli’s spoke about a Brazilian mother being threatened for
    deportation by her 13 yr old DAUGHTER.

    61 min 21 sec Jack Prindiville speaks about Immigration control for
    those who LEAVE the country.

    Others in time line speak about racial profiling, the police bla bla
    bla…… end….

    That’s it
    Listen to the audio

    I recorded it with my little Sansa Mp3 player while I was standing for the whole time.

    Joe Rizoli

  8. CCollins

    Thanks to all the supporters of Secure Communities for making a good showing!
    It is appreciated!

  9. Maureen A. Wilson

    Enjoyed reading this post. Kudos!
    You are right. We (Conservative law abiding Americans MUST show up.) NCFIRE in North Carolina shows up for the Mexican Consulate, the Durham City Council’s Resolution validating the Mexican I.D. card, the Gov.’s Council on Hispanic-Latino Affairs, in support Sheriff Terry Johnson in Alamance County and 287(g), May 1 at our State Capitol. ETC. You name we are there. And, we document pages of illegal alien crime monthly. Just rolled out a document fraud project. And, this Wed., we will be at the Leg. for SB33 AS the Mexican Consulate is speaking about their matricular cards secure features…got to love it. Who cares if you don’t have a Visa.
    Nice job, guys!!!