Is This Posting Racist?

Posted August 21st, 2013 by Iron Mike

A drive-by thrill-killing in Duncan Oklahoma;  victim is white,
teen-age killers are black – at least two of them.
 Duncan OK Thrill Killers
The Victim: Chris Lane
– 23 – an Australian at East Central University in Ada on a baseball scholarship, visiting his girlfriend in Duncan, shot in the back while out for a jog, by three kids ‘who were bored’.

Killers Edwards  Jones  Luna 
Bail denied for shooter Luna (16) and Edwards (15) [did a dance at booking]; $1 Million for driver Jones (17).

QUESTIONS:  If Lane were Black, and the three shooters white, – would Jessie, Al, and Ben be camped in Duncan today, – leading marches behind giant banners?

Brenda EdwardsWhat kind of upbringing did Luna, Edwards, and Jones get in Duncan? Are their parents on welfare? Their grandparents? Are their parents and grandparents lifetime Democrats? Which ones have juvenile records?

Is this posting racist?  I’ve been told that writing about black on white crime might be viewed as racist. The Poverty Pimps and Black Victimization Exploiters turned Zimmerman’s justified self-defense into a case of him “stalking poor innocent Trayvon because he was Black”. That served their cause, i.e. keeps the donations flowing in.

Yet here is a clear case of three kids stalking a white joggerand killing him ‘for fun’?  

Or was it more than that, – a hate crime deserving FBI and DOJ intervention? If Obama had a white son, – would he have looked like Chris Lane?

WHAT IS THE LINK – between black teenage killers and thugs and what the Democratic Party has done to poor Blacks since the days of JFK and LBJ?

ALTERNATE SCENARIO:  Suppose jogger Chris Lane had been armed,  turned and observed the car approaching with a gun sticking out the back window,  – and fearing for his life,  – opened fire killing one of more of these thugs…

Would he now be going through the same hell as George Zimmerman?

Will Obama acknowledge this killing?   Will he admit that during his 4½ years in office Black unemployment has DOUBLED?

Will he acknowledge that his political policies – mostly ObamaCare – has caused unemployment to rise among young Blacks to 40%?

5 Responses to “Is This Posting Racist?”

  1. Tom

    The response to most of you rhetorical questions, unfortunately, is a resounding “no frekin way”. You can hear the cricket chorus from the left.

  2. Varvara

    This posting is not racists! It is an honest, straight forward reporting of a hideous crime. These boys will not be bored in prison when they entertain the older convicts.

    By giving blacks, EBT cards, welfare and housing the incentive to study, work hard and succeed disappears. The Democratic Party has made these people beholden to them just so they will vote ‘D’ on election day. The D party has not helped these people. Granted there are people who need help but not to the point that young people are bored and looking for excitement.

  3. Casey Chapman

    I heard on Rush Limbaugh this afternoon, that the Reverend Jackson’s office tweeted out that they “frown upon” this kind of thrill killing. Or words to that effect. In other words, the murder didn’t bother him in the least, but they figured they’d better make a statement, so that they can appear to care.

  4. Walter Knight

    The former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, whatever that is, urged tourists to boycott America until we give up our guns.

    Oh they were such good boys, laments a relative. Why are they charging all three? My brother played sports.

    Prison is too good for these thugs. Prison only moves a violent person from one community to another. There will be no death penalty sought because the murderers were juveniles. Liberals will light a candle for them anyway, complaining that not all three should be charged.

    It’s time the Justice Department filed hate crime charges in this type of crime, too.

  5. Victor

    Other than the ObamaCare part, I totally agree with this post. The poor kid would be going through what Zimmerman went through had he defended himself from these rats (who probably don’t work). If it were 3 whites killing a random black guy, Jackson and Sharpton would be there instantly blaming whites for all their problems.

    This post is absolutely not racist. It’s telling it like it is.