Is this a revolution?

Posted September 2nd, 2009 by Jim Ettwein

We often think of a revolution involving fighting or combat. This is not usually the case. Revolutions are often caused from within. Simply defined a revolution is a change from one form of government to another. In the case of today’s America, we’re changing from a Republic, as determined by the founding fathers, to a Command form of government (the classification that includes Communism, Socialism, Marxism).

This is happening before our eyes, without shots being fired. These types of revolutions involve attacks on the citizenry after the revolution occurs. A prime example of this was Nazi Germany. Hitler was duly elected, then changed the government after he took power. When the citizens realized what was happening (a bit too late!) Hitler took steps to repress them. These steps became more onerous as time went on, of course.

I’m sure we all see the similarities today. Not that PresO is like Hitler… but let’s think for a moment on the appointment of the numerous Czars. Over 40 of them. Not one vetted by Congress. Not one on the budget of the government. Not one subject to Congressional questioning. It’s a revolution from within. We’re finally waking up to this monumental power grab by the central government.

I hope we’re not waking up too late. I hope we can take swift and appropriate action next November and throw out everyone on the side of PresO. (This includes Democrats, Independents and weak-kneed Republicans)

I served in the Navy a long time ago. Long before I knew how important it was to do something. I now know. I hope that the number of people is growing who realize that we made the wrong choice last November. That we’ll rectify that next November. And, that it’s not too late.


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