Is The Fat Lady Singing…“Old MacDonald”?

Posted March 8th, 2013 by Iron Mike

KillinsShe KNOWS how to serve…HERSELF!

Another of Deval Patrick’s ‘special’ appointees wanders off the reservation – this one has wandered OFF the JOB, – and OUT of STATE!

Early Child Education and Care Commissioner Sherri Killins – has been busy getting herself qualified for her next job – the one she’ll need once Patrick is out of office.  She’s been living [per Fox 25 Boston] in New Haven, CT and working many hours a week as an on-the-job understudy at the Ware Mass School District under the mentorship of Mary-Elizabeth Beach.

Where Is Killins

Killins, – who pocket$ a $alary of $197+K of your tax dollar$ – needs 300 hours of on-the-job training to qualify to become a School Superintendent.  I guess Professional Ethics aren’t part of the required curriculum…

No stranger to insider politics, Killins challenged sitting New Haven Mayor – Democrat John DeStefano in 2003. Her résumé mentions 3 daughters….no husband.  I wonder if Sherri pays Connecticut State income tax? Which state issued her driver’s license?

Have you got Deval Patrick on speed-dial yet?  617 725-4005

OK, am I being ‘mean‘; – or…for $197+K – are we taxpayers entitled to state employees who actually work the damned job they’re hired for?

UPDATE: Monday 11 March:  Killins RESIGNS!  We’ll take some credit – Fox 25 Boston and Sharman Sacchetti get the rest.

11 Responses to “Is The Fat Lady Singing…“Old MacDonald”?”

  1. Revolutionary

    hack beget hacks. nothing will change until Devolve packs up the end of his term. unbelievable is right.

  2. Casey Chapman

    We have a part time governor, so what do you expect? Typical Massachusetts politician. They don’t even enforce the laws for EBT cards.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    Was she the result of a country wide search for the most qualified candidate? Say it isn’t so DuVal, just another totally unqualified candidate appointee who just happens to be a distaff minority. It is all about diversity not competantcy. Just like DuVal, himself, another elected official as the result of “white guilt”.

  4. Sam Adams

    What do you expect?
    He’s a DEMOCRAT!
    She’s A DEMOCRAT!
    Haven’t gotten that yet?

  5. Casey Chapman

    Her only “qualifications” for the job are the following:
    1.Democrat willing to be a throne sniffer.

    2.African-American racial background.

    I doubt that ole Duval would even think about appointing a white Republican. Regardless of his/her qualifications.

  6. Jim Buba

    Can we get the rest of the State Executive Staff to resign too?

    I believe it will save the Commonwealth over $1.3 Billion every year, which of course would be ‘wasted’ keeping health care cost increases down.

  7. Casey Chapman

    When have they EVER kept health costs down? All Romney care does, is keep the poor busy filling out paperwork, and figuring out how to scam the system. Throw them all out.

  8. Ms Grace

    You are not Conservative Republicans, you are outright racists.
    It’s time the Republican Party needs to grow up because the children are watching!

    All you needed to know you should have learned in Kindergarten!
    Evidently you didn’t. Go back and learn how to get along with others. Learn some Core Values while your at it.

    It’s a disgrace how you, Fox TV 25 and Sharmen Sacchetti attacks and discredits Black people. Use the manners that ya momma taught you! And learn how to get along with everybody in the world. We Are The World! Not just you.


    Please explain what Sherri Killins’ race, color, gender, or religion has to do with

    …..her NOT DOING HER $197K JOB…?

    This woman makes $540 per DAY – but wasn’t doing her job!

    What does RACE have to do with that? Are you saying ‘it’s OK to defraud the taxpayers, – because she’s a Black woman’?

  9. Amy

    I still question Malone as in the Boston Hearald he was unaware isn’t he her boss? And when she was recently a no show is seemed like he covered for her? So should his professional ethics be questioned here as well?

  10. Casey Chapman

    Ms. Grace is undoubtedly one of our dear leader’s buddies. Which is to say, a typical Massachusetts democrat. When others state opinions, she jumps to the conclusion that we’re all racists for mentioning the governor’s favoring African Americans over whites. That’s not being a racist. That’s stating a fact. Period.

  11. Casey Chapman

    This is slightly off subject, but could someone research common core(education curriculum) and report back on this blog? Appearently, it dumbs down math and espouses Socialism. This is a top down federally promoted screwing of our public school students. Please, for the sake of our kids.