Is Tara Reade Another Christine Ford?

Posted March 27th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Well,  this sure didn’t take long!  JUST as Slow Joe Biden looks like he’s blown past the Vermont Commie on his way to being ~ finally ~ the Dem’s Presidential Candidate,  – some old history springs up to block his path to Milwaukee…

Is this accuser from 1993 (27 years ago) believable,  – or just another Hillary Clinton operative, – in the same way Christine Blasey Ford was in 2018?

There is a major difference between the accused Biden and the accused Judge Kavanaugh….

Kavanaugh has a squeaky clean background – and survived an FBI re-investigation of the alleged high school party.   Multiple witnesses came forward to state that Ford was seen drunk,  – and that Kavanaugh wasn’t even at the party.

By contrast, Biden has been photographed dozens of times fondling women and children….   It’s a core factor of who he is.

RRB cannot comment on the veracity of Tara Read’s 27-year old story of Biden placing his fingers into her…..  A police report from back then would help.

But Biden’s well-documented groping and hugging behavior – over DECADES,  makes her much easier to believe….

So,…he LOOKS like he could be guilty,  – and he DOESN’T LOOK PRESIDENTIAL,  – even if his supporters can get past his dementia….

3 Responses to “Is Tara Reade Another Christine Ford?”

  1. Len Mead

    Does the leopard ever change his spots?

    Len Meads, Unwashed Conservative

  2. Vince Picarello

    Sleepy Joe wakes up when the women are around…

  3. panther 6

    It could be real and a game changer but Sleepy Joe is innocent in my mind till proven guilty. But, there is a behavior pattern there.