Is Susan Gordon The “Whistleblower”?

Posted September 26th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Passed over twice, – for CIA in 2018,  – and then last month for Director of National Intelligence, – has bitterness and jealousy turned Susan Gordon into the anti-Trump “whistleblower”?

Trump knew (or suspected) she wasn’t right for DNI when he passed her over; – has she set about proving him right?

Susan has been with the CIA since 1980 – but always in technical and administrative roles – never in field work or analysis.

Is she looking for her two weeks of fame and headlines, – followed by a book deal? 

PONDER:  If she’d sell out her President over a phone call she NEVER HEARD, – what ELSE would she sell – and to whom? 

UPDATE:  8:55 PM Thurs 26 Sept   Several news outlets including the NY Times are reporting the Whistleblower / Leaker is a male CIA employee who had been assigned to the WH, – and who has since returned to duty at Langley.

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