Is Stone Mountain Next?

Posted June 23rd, 2015 by Iron Mike

Across the Muslim World – fundamentalist groups like the Taliban,  al Qaeda,  and most recently Daesh / ISIS have busied themselves destroying any and all artworks and antiquities – some dating back thousands of years.
Anything THEY deem ‘offensive to Islam’ must be destroyed…. Stone Mountain and ISIS
And now here comes Amerika’s Politically Correct Taliban – to haul down that ‘offensive and racist’ Stars and Bars,  and cover up or re-etch Confederate War Memorials.  So much for the healing process, – so much for remembering and learning from our History;  – it’s time to ERASE HISTORY!!!

Stone Mountain Georgia

I recall that Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin all did that during their time in power….

They tried to make their people ‘feel better’ by killing off the old rulers, destroying the vestiges of previous times, – and rewriting the history books.

And they all went into the history books themselves,…as short-sighted but ruthless butchers….men who brought devastation and ruin to their peoples.

But Amerika’s Progressivekrats have an agenda…. America must be remade because as Obama said “…racism is in our DNA…”.  Some uniter he is…

Obama  racism in our DNA

The Left has been slowly rewriting what little history they’ll teach your kids….

–  “We dropped the Atomic Bombs on the yellow people of Japan – NOT on the white Italians or Germans – because we’re a racist country”.

–  “Rich white plantation owners fought the Civil War….so they could keep black men as slaves…”.

–  “Rich white Americans don’t want to share the planet with the people of color in the Third World, – – they just want to exploit them for cheap labor and raw materials”.

–  “We must all change the way we live because your Mom’s gas-guzzling SUV is destroying the environment and heating Mother Earth…”

–  “You must stop eating beef because cow farts are depleting the Ozone Layer…”

And the list of lies and half-truths go on and on…


CONTROL!!   If they can get this youngest generation of voters to believe these lies – with the fervor of a suicide bomber – they can create crisis after crisis which calls for ‘central government answers’, – or much better still – WORLD GOVERNMENT ANSWERS!!

FlagsHauling down the Confederate Flag isn’t about ending racism;  

– it’s about establishing yet another layer of FEDERAL CONTROL – over what flag flies – and the agenda.

Since Obama thinks the TEA Party is racist – how soon will he attempt to strike the Gadsden Flag…?

Remember that Progressives DREAM about a single world government – where there are no nations, – no armies, no flags,  – and they are of course – in charge.

Thus it’s important that the history of the Confederacy be altered – to one of evil rich white slave owners fighting to keep ownership over black people….

NEVER tell the tale of an overbearing Federal Government that attempted to dictate morality and property rights in defiance of the Constitution….

NEVER tell the tale of brave southerners – most of them NOT slave owners and some of them even Black – who though terribly outnumbered and out-gunned, – took up arms to resist Federal encroachment. Such men should NOT be remembered as heroes,…but rather as villains, and men who beat and raped Black women.

NEVER tell the tale of high-handed carpetbaggers who came south in droves to profit over the bloodshed of the Civil War….

NEVER tell the tale of bitter southern soldiers [Democrats] organizing chapters of the Klu Klux Klan – to terrorize freed slaves….

We would be so much a better and smarter nation if we’d teach our kids the full history of our Country – the good and the bad.

But Progressives and their handmaidens – the union school teachers – have a much more urgent quest – tight government control over the uneducated and distracted masses.

So kids watch Survivor Island instead of the History Channel…and become Kardashian fans. Today the kids who JUST graduated from high school in the class of 2015 can’t explain the difference between Democrat v Republican [they’ve been told that Republicans are ‘mean’] – and they can’t tell you the difference between Sunni and Shia. Chang Kai Shek

They’ve never heard of Chang Kai Shek…, but they probably know who Al Sharpton is…

Sadly, not 1 in 20 can tell you when WWII was,  who we fought,  why,  or how many people worldwide died. 

BUT,  they’re true believers, – they are absolutely certain the earth is heating up.

Stone Mountain General Lee

It took a series of four sculptors over 50 years to carve Stone Mountain – which today is a major tourist attraction northeast of Atlanta.  

Racism never swung a hammer or aimed a chisel.   It was a labor of love and respect for the memories of a valiant effort, – a lost cause, – and courageous men willing to risk their lives for an ideal.   Unless you’ve lived in the South – it’s very hard to understand.

Just how long can it now survive before our Politically Correct Taliban want to blow it up, – and topple every Confederate statue in the South?

Hauling down a few dozen Confederate Flags won’t put a single young Black inner-city kid to work. Do you think Obama cares?

Do you think he has any more developed strategy for salvaging this generation of unemployed young Blacks – than he does for attacking and destroying ISIS?

The bad news begins…..

SICKENING UPDATE:   It has begun….like the Taliban and ISIS, the NAACP (which has spent decades helping Democrats keep Blacks in poverty) – is demanding that HISTORY be erased…because 150 after the slaves were freed by Union Blood, – they ‘find Confederate symbols ‘offensive’?

NAACP Stone Mountain

6 Responses to “Is Stone Mountain Next?”

  1. Flick

    I’ve been to Stone Mountain many times, and viewed the evening sound and laser show also many times. En-route DisneyWorld, I was lucky enough to camp there overnight with my family. My daughters already knew the history behind the carving. We all felt the chills when we heard “Georgia On My Mind”-A morphed version of Ray Charles and Willie Nelson. Black and White singers, one each.

    I suggest if you can attend this experience, do it before it is reduced to a sanitized version or worse that it is cancelled forever.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    All of the famous, and not so famous Civil War Battlefieds and their monument to those brave soldiers of the South who gave their lives would be obliterated if Obama and the politically correct progressives had their way. Back at the End of the Civil War it was the ladies of Richmond who traveled to Gettysburg to retrieve some of their dead and bring them back home to Dixie. The Daughters and Sons of the South will object to this travesty, but their cries will pale by comparison to the historically impotent PC police. Look away! Look away!! Look away Dixeland!!

  3. William Clark

    Isn’t it true that the flag was never over the SC Capital, placed there in 1961 as an oppressive symbol?

    I was in Erlanger, KY when the papers showed the deceased from Charleston.

    Three guys waiting for breakfast in the lobby,one said “he kilt the wrong ones – should killed them lazy ones.”

    Now I am in Portsmouth, Ohio, racism runs strong on along the Ohio river and like its muddy water runs through the south.

    Everybody here looks like the American Sniper.


    Your comment doesn’t makes sense. Why do you think they all look like Chris Kyle?

    And you’re a FOOL if you focus on the flag – which never pulled a trigger. A madman did.

    The flag is not a symbol of racism,- it’s a symbol of Southern Pride and rebuilding after the war – where they lost so many sons. It’s the Democratic party that branded it ‘racist’, the SAME as you’ve just branded the men you’ve seen around you in Portsmouth….

    Obama is diverting your attention from his FAILURE to end chronic Black unemployment after 6+ years…

  4. Hawk1776

    There never was an issue over the Confederate flag. The people of South Carolina weren’t clamoring to remove it until the northern liberals got involved. Dylan Roof, the killer, is a sick puppy. It’s true there is a photo of him holding a Confederate flag, but what if he had held a “Don’t Tread on Me” or Boy Scout flag? Would they be banned? Would Walmart stop selling them? The real issue is that Roof is a wacko who doesn’t value human life. The Confederate flag is a side show.

  5. Walter Knight

    Confederate statues are next.

    When the Civil War ended the North was very forgiving. I would have hung the traitorous Confederate leadership. In stead, the Confederates were allowed to just go home, allowed to keep their ‘Southern pride.’ Taking the Confederate flag now goes against Lincoln’s spirit of reconciliation.

  6. Robert Greenhalge

    Private companies are being very hypocritical about this since almost all of the companies who have stopped selling Confederate items are still selling Nazi items with no regret.

    We can never forget history.

    With that said, I do have to say that it has always perplexed me as to why this battle flag even flies in this particular state, South Carolina. This is a battle flag of Northern Virginia under the Confederate States of America. It just doesn’t belong in SC or in Mississippi.

    The Confederate States of America, for me, represents TREASON as the highest level. Confederates in my view didn’t fight for freedom – the fought against the United States of America.

    I don’t know maybe I am biased because I was born and raised in the “North”. But I have just never seen anything to show “pride” about being part of a losing cause of tyranny which has resulted in enormous poverty which still shows its effect today.

    What is it a sign of “pride” to celebrate being a losing part of history 150 years ago?

    It is well beyond time for that treasonous rag to come down.