Is SHE The Democrat’s Best Remaining Troll?

Posted October 20th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Leave it to the utter desperation of the DemocRAT party,  – where most of their elected members couldn’t find Niger on a map,  – to resort to one of their most flamboyant and outlandish clowns to try to smear President Trump.

Always the lying race-baiter – this troll willingly uses a dead soldier and his grieving family to try to discredit and dishonor the President?  Sure smells like flailing and desperation to me.
Is this all they have left?

Want to truly understand Democrat hypocrisy?

Listen the the words of Frederica Wilson – spoken on the floor of the House – in March 2015 – as she names the Federal Building in her District after two slain FBI agents – USING THE IDENTICAL LANGUAGE President Trump spoke to Mrs. Johnson.

If you can’t stand 10 minutes worth – move the slider to 3 min 30 sec.

– you’ll hear Wilson read essentially the EXACT LANGUAGE she is today criticizing Trump for….

Frederica Wilson – the Female Al Sharpton!

7 Responses to “Is SHE The Democrat’s Best Remaining Troll?”

  1. Kojack

    Barack HUSSIEN Obama, Maxine Waters, Frederica Wilson with her trademark CLOWN-HATS, the whole GD DEMOCRAP Party and the RiNO’s with their racist, diversity(non-assimilation), PRO ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and globalist agendas are the best recruiters Richard Spencer ever had. They stand for EVERYTHING UN-BRAINWASED American patriots hate and won’t tolerate.

    You want to know how the German people came to support and elect Hitler in the 1930’s? We’re living the answer right now and if things don’t change it’s going to get real ugly in a way you lefties won’t like.

  2. hddan

    When all else fails, play the race card. The left has used the word “racist” so often that most of us hear it as just unpleasant background noise such as a leaf blower.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Smells of a set-up to me….

    I’m pretty sure, in most cases, the President doesn’t randomly call someone on the phone. Especially in an instance as this, it’s certain a staffer would call, ask if it would be acceptable for the President to call, and if so establish the most convenient time. That congress-clown in the cowgirl hat wasn’t in the car and listening to the call on speaker by accident…. Personally, I’d much prefer the congress-clown spread her legs, bend over, shove her head up her a$$ and suffocate…. But that’s just me….

    On another note: Not only could most Democrats have difficulty finding Niger on the map, my guess is they’d probably have difficulty pronouncing it, as well….

  4. Sonny's Mom

    She looks just like like the Red Queen in Disney’s original Alice in Wonderland animated film!

  5. Iron Mike

    Understand the Democrat’s mind-set….

    Since they don’t understand Niger or Boko Haram – they are questioning why we have troops there – and they want to BLAME TRUMP for placing them in Harm’s Way.

    (Yes, they’d like a casualty-free drone war instead).

    And instead of seeing Sergeant Johnson’s service as noble, and his death as heroic, – they want him to be a VICTIM – and to use his VICTIMHOOD all next year in political speeches.

    Once again Democrats are USING a Black Family….

    When Democrats can’t find convenient VICTIMS – they’ll quickly manufacture some.

  6. Sonny's Mom

    More hoo-hah from the left, as they struggle to shore up their Marxist illusion of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    Iron Mike: Exactly! Like we really believe the left “cares about” our military or their families? Ever since Vietnam, even the few remaining genuine “liberals” have looked down on military service as a disgrace, or insanity. (Unless it’s a woman trying out for Ranger School, or lgbt’s demanding some new, special accomodation.) While conveniently, “under Bush, every soldier’s death was treated as a rebuke to the administration. Under Obama, Gold Star families were largely ignored by the media.” (Breitbart, Joel Pollak, 10/18/17)

    Update: The Assoc Press is trolling for feedback from Gold Star families; most likely, their stories will be twisted to attack the President. AP recently tweeted:
    Are you a member of a Gold Star family who’s had contact with the White House? Confidentially share your story here:
    — The Associated Press (@AP) October 18, 2017
    (Source: Breitbart, Warner Todd Huston, 10/19/17)

    Update: Type “gold star widow releases audio” into any search engine. She is one brave woman. Brought tears to my eyes.

  7. Walter Knight

    Wilson is all hat, no cattle.