Is Senator Scott Brown Bi-Polar?

Posted November 30th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Why would a US Senator from a food-producing state like Massachusetts vote with 56 Socialists, 2 quasi-Socialists, and 14 other RiNOs for Dick Durbin’s Food Control Bill?

Have you been having massive problems with poisoned food?  Have you been demanding more food safety as a national priority?  Have poor people been flooding hospital ERs with bad cases of food-borne illnesses?

First Brown voted for Kagan, then for the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Bill.  Today he joined the RiNO herd voting for Durbin’s S.510, which can only be described as a draconian socialist bill designed to criminalize your backyard garden,  inject the federal government into every stage of your food chain [pet and animal food too], and raise the price of food at least double current levels.

I was so mad I looked again at Scott’s official website.  I cannot find the word “Republican” there.  I don’t think it’s an oversight.

Now I would expect a flippin’ idiot like John Ketchup Kerry to vote for this bill.  First he’s rich, and second the Heinz Corp can easily add 50¢ to the cost of a bottle ketchup and not bat an eyelash.  Kerry hasn’t bought groceries in 30 years. 

I’m pretty sure Kerry owns Monsanto stock along with his TSA X-Ray Scanner stock.

But Brown?  Brown should know better.  Gee, I wonder if that was his political survey which called last night polling about presidential and senatorial matchups?

My anger at Brown increases with each RiNO vote and each liberal press release he issues.  First he’s proving to be a legislative liteweight, and second he seems to be more concerned with establishing a ‘reach-across-the-aisle’ reputation than he is with representing the folks who stood in the cold to get him elected.  

Here is a list of the RiNOs who voted “Yes” today.  They include all the usual suspects. 


Lamar Alexander          TN

Scott Brown                   MA

Richard M. Burr             NC

Susan Collins                 ME

Michael Enzi                  WY 

Check Grasley                IA

Judd Gree                      NH

Mike Johanns                NE

Mark Kirk                      IL

George LeMieux           FL

Dick Lugar                     IN

Lisa Murkowski            AK

Olive Oyl Snowe             ME

David Vitter                    LA

George Voinovich           OH

Folks,  I don’t think Scotty’s going to find either ‘religion’ or his Republican core.  I don’t think he ever had one.  It’s pretty clear from both his actions and last night’s poll questions that ~ somebody ~ thinks he might be a presidential contender.  I’m so frustrated that I can actually envision him signing on to be Obama’s 2012 running mate.


   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

4 Responses to “Is Senator Scott Brown Bi-Polar?”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    I share your anger and disdain with this Masshole socialist. It does not matter whether you contact his office or not, because it is all about Scotty. He wants to be re-elected so bad, he may even flip parties and run as a Dumbocrat in 2012. This would almost guarantee his return to DC.

  2. Kojack

    Given the results of the recent MA general election with the re-election of corrupt socialists such as Frank and Tierney and elitest moonbats like Nikki Tsongas; Scott Brown is probrably the most “conservative” representative of this state we’ll see for a long time. Now that’s a scary thought!!

  3. Mark

    I just found this site. GREAT!!!!!

    Brown is Bi-Polar. Do you think it has anything to do with being abused as a child? Libbies and entitlement people use it as their excuse, what makes his so different?

  4. paul Bondi

    .why do politicians mud sling is putting the other one down with slander so important??? dont believe the slanderers they are also liars as vwell.