Is Rollins Squandering Her Blue Chips?

Posted September 5th, 2019 by Iron Mike

She ran for office last year promising to ‘go easy‘ or even ignore ‘low-level street crime’.  On Tuesday,  Boston Municipal Judge Richard Sinnott ignored her edicts,  – now she’s taking him before the State Supreme Court
In Massachusetts it’s called “the Supreme Judicial Court”,  and she’s basically telegraphing to all of Boston’s criminal class that she plans to ignore their transgressions,  – even assaulting cops.  Is she burning bridges she will need to cross? 

Judge Sinnott is a rarity among MassHole judges,  – he’s actually one of the good guys and thoroughly qualified….

Norwich grad and Suffolk Law grad…

Had his own private law practice…

Worked as an investigator in the Suffolk DA Office…

A JAG Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve…

Teaches LAW at Harvard Law,  – the Defense Institute of International Legal Studies,  – the U.S. Military Academy,  – and the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council.

In other words, – he’s MORE qualified than Rollins is.

Rollins wanted to dismiss charges against some 36 goons arrested by Boston Police at Saturday’s Straight Pride Parade.  But they were in the custody of the Boston Police and brought before Judge Sinnott – in BOSTON Municipal Court.

Rollins sent an assistant to “waive her magic wand” and get charges dropped,  – but Sinnott wasn’t buying it.  He held many of them without bail – since cops had been injured.

It seems Rollins is intent on being The LAW unto Herself – Cop / Prosecutor / Judge / Parole Officer….and damn the details.

This is her version of “Restorative Justice” – making up for 200 years of “White Privilege”.

Except these defendants were white,…and goons…

The Mass SJC is essentially liberal;  – but Rollins highly public and racially-motivated actions may be squandering any good will and blue chips she was holding before Labor Day.

Rollins better hope she never needs to call a cop! 

UPDATE:  Tues 24 Sep 2019  REVENGE OF THE LIBERALS:  The Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct announced the probe of Boston Municipal Court Judge Richard Sinnott.

Limits of the CJC

  • Cannot not serve as an appellate court to review judges’ rulings
  • Cannot reverse a judge’s decision
  • Cannot vacate a judge’s decision
  • Does not have the authority to order a judge to step down from hearing a case
  • Does not have the authority to provide a different judge or require a judge to recuse him/herself

2 Responses to “Is Rollins Squandering Her Blue Chips?”

  1. Kojack

    Sound like a qualified no-nonsense conservative judge, what’s he doing in MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSSETTS?!?!?

  2. jim

    It’s always about race with Racial, er, I mean Rachel. If I were Sinnott, I’d be pissed. I’d be finding a way to take care of the Rachel problem.
    It’s a shame that MA has lost its sense of law and order. And, that its own law enforcement organization is more intent on protecting the law breaker instead of the law abider. This is a dangerous position for the state.


    A dangerous position for ANY state in our Republic. These MassHoles are pissed that California is so much further over the edge of insanity….they’re in a race to catch up and lead our nation to Third World Shithole Status…