Is Rod Rosenstein ‘Untouchable’?

Posted June 28th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The DepAG had a long morning on the Hill today.

First Trey Gowdy took on Mister Rosenstein on behalf of the American People….


Then Jim Jordan had a very tense back-and-forth with Mister Rosenstein,  but the arrogant prick seems determined to slow-walk the so-called “Mueller Investigation” without taking any action to move it to a conclusion.  


True,  a professional investigation at ANY LEVEL needs to keep information confidential to not spook suspects or poison the jury pool. 

But something here smells to high hell….

3 Responses to “Is Rod Rosenstein ‘Untouchable’?”

  1. Panther 6

    The wicked smile and smirk and his periods of near laughter were for me the sign of a man in a psychotic state. Perhaps afraid for his future. If I were Jeff Sessions I would fire him and if that were not possible find him a broom closet where he could lick stamps and put same on envelopes. He is a total loss and prime example of the deep state. What a duffuss! I would not follow him around the block.

  2. Ben

    Wray and Rosenstein have gotten away with so much they think they are untouchable. All of the agents involved have to be put in there place or we will end up like some third world country where the tail is wagging the dog.They are the ones trying to rig the elections. we need more constitutionalism .we need to get back to the three branches of the constitution.

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    While everyone is waiting for Rosenstein to turn over any documents that he has, he is spending his time trying to dig up dirt on every Representative that is demanding proof from him. What a weasel!

    Now he is working to get Rep. Jim Jordan embroiled in a 20 year old incident from when he was a college wrestling coach. It seems that there was a scandal, with the alleged abuse of athletes by a team physician. Rosenstein is hoping to blackmail his way to an easy end of any demands made from him by Congress.

    This may explain his smug look of confidence during the recent hearings, since he was already investigating the personal history of every member of Congress who opposes him.