Is Richard Trumka Any Smarter In 2020?

Posted September 7th, 2020 by Iron Mike

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is 71,  an attorney,  – and has spent his entire life as a Union Organizer and Union Officer.   He only got his hands dirty in the mines briefly – in his youth.

He has been a reliable Democrat Pied Piper of union votes and union campaign money for decades.  Will he finally smarten up this year?  Can he Walk Away?

It was in those years between WWI and WWII that the Democrat Party and labor unions jumped into bed together.  For cunning politicians it was easy – tell workers what they wanted to hear,  and take huge bundles of campaign cash from union bosses.

Democrats got elected in droves,  labor-friendly (often anti-owner) laws got passed,  and crippling strikes were common.

But by the 1960s – owners started moving factories (jobs) out of the Northeast into the South,  – and by the late 70s – moved them again to Mexico, India, and China.

Mao made it easy,  – he promised a worker standing at EVERY machine – EVERY DAY! Absenteeism,  drunkenness,  and strikes would NOT happen in his industrialized China.

For American industrialists, the cost of container shipping was WAY CHEAPER than putting up with American labor unions and US industrial regulations. W-A-Y cheaper!

Suddenly America had a new political phrase: “Rust Belt”.

Obama and his idiot sidekick Biden accelerated the flow of US jobs to China.  Did Trumka even notice?

2016 rolled around – and it seemed Trumka still hadn’t noticed our trade deficit or all those empty factories…. He campaigned for wicked Hillary…

In 2017 Trumka walked out of a White House trade conference….

Does Trumka have any clue about what President Trump’s trade deals have done for union jobs?  Or is he captive to decades of Pavlovian union servitude to the Democrat Party?

Can Trumka lead his people out of Egypt?

In this information age,  can individual union members think for themselves and vote in their own best interests?

Or will they follow Trumka and vote for China Joe?

2 Responses to “Is Richard Trumka Any Smarter In 2020?”

  1. Jim Buba

    Just when is somebody going to ask Pelosi about her husband’s sale of U.S. Tuna fishing interests to CHINA?

    China Collusion. Leave no democrat unturned (out).

  2. Walter Knight

    China stated that COVID-19 origonated from an old bat. Pelosi says it’s a set-up.