Is Radical Islam Satanic?

Posted February 8th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Zo” aka Alfonzo Rachel has some heavy words on Islam,  – America’s naïve ‘political correctness’,  – the religious deniers [atheists],…and the ultimate goals of Islam.
Some of this will be new stuff for many of you.   ‘Bout time you heard it!

If you really don’t understand Sharia Law – please understand that you’ve been living in a closet. Spend the rest of today educating yourself.

Then, ~ just maybe ~ Obama’s strange behavior on the whole Muslim terrorism issue will start to make some sense to you, – frightening sense….

You ~ might ~ stop seeing Obama as a “Black man”,  – and see him for what he really is….

Obama Bowing to Saudi King Abdullah

In the end folks,  all this talk isn’t about Conservatives being racist or anti-Obama.

It is about having enough knowledge and awareness of History to appreciate Western Civilization, Judaism, Christianity, and the miracle known as the United States,…

 – to recognize EVIL and STUPIDITY,…

  – and call them by name.

Obama is EVIL.

People who still believe in him and support him – are STUPID!

2 Responses to “Is Radical Islam Satanic?”

  1. Sherox

    His presentation is an arrow of clarity for those who cannot or will not understand.

  2. islam is evil

    pointing out the problems with islam by citing the bible… Zo clearly represents a rational and unbiased perspective…