Is Philly Ready For A Bloodbath?

Posted June 5th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Philly Bloodbath
Protesters could easily outnumber the available police officers by 2 or even 3-to-1,  and the police leadership is untested….

Mayor Kenney   Commissioner Ross

Mayor Kenney just elevated his new Police Commissioner, – and the rest of the command structure looks appropriately ‘diverse’ for a mostly Black city. 

Philly police command

But can they handle a civil disturbance / riot of historic proportion?

Penn State Police

Backup must come first from the State Police, where Governor Tom Wolf [who served in the Peace Corps] just appointed retired State Police Major Tyree C. Blocker to lead the state’s 6,600 troopers…..

Major Tyree C Blocker

Not to disparage,…but once again good intentions and forced diversity may come to grief in the mean streets of a riot-torn city on a hot July night….

Wells Fargo Center at night

What next? Call out the Militia – the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

Again,…bad decisions are already at play….the state’s Adjutant General [aka Top General] just had to resign – quickly – because of charges of sexual harassment…

It doesn’t matter today if the charges were true,  – he’s out;  – to be replaced by the next guy in lineAir Guard Brigadier Tony Carrelli,  – an AF Academy grad and tanker pilot – with Z-E-R-O training in riot control….

.the #2 spot – Asst TAG for ARMY….has been vacant for a long time….

The nearest Guard troops aren’t far away – if given time to muster… The PAARNG has a Striker Brigade headquartered just 10 miles north at Willow Grove.

56th Striker Bde PAARNG

The media must be quietly salivating over thoughts of Strikers rolling through mobs of Black Lives Matter and Bernie protesters….and assorted illegal Mexicans….

Gawd,  I love the smell of tear gas on a hot summer night!

Gov Tom Wolf

Meanwhile,  it seems that Mayor Kenney and Commissioner Ross have recognized the dire peril about to descend upon the ‘City of Brotherly Love’,   – and issued an urgent call for sworn police officers to transfer into the Philly PD.

You have just 5 days left if you’re interested….

Join the Philly PD

LESSON FOR YOUNG VOTERS:  While it may seem ‘good’ or ‘smart’ to vote for the guy who promises all kinds of ooey/gooey feel-good stuff,  – you REALLY want to vote for the guy who can do the BEST JOB of protecting citizens on the worst day of your life,  – be it a riot,  – a hurricane,  – an earthquake,  – or a terrorist attack.

AA/EEO won’t save your life from a jihadi….or a city-wide riot following a massive power outage….

…any more than Hillary could protect
those patriots she left hung out to dry in Benghazi…

4 Responses to “Is Philly Ready For A Bloodbath?”

  1. Walter Knight

    Filthy-delphia will burn because the police will give the rioters their safe space.

  2. Mark

    OMG, I cant wait! Tune in to RRB to see results!

  3. Panther 6

    It would be a great thing for the demorats to see Philly burn and try to blame it on Trump.

  4. Hawk1776

    Chicago 1968 again?