Is Our Republican Leadership Ready?

Posted January 31st, 2010 by Iron Mike

From my home town Acton, to Beacon Hill [or Merrimac Street], to Capitol Hill,  inept and misguided Republican leaders are failing us at the very moment they should be leading 2010’s final charge.  Already “frontrunners” are planning trips to Iowa,  while Michael Steele seems unable to build an organization as cohesive and effective as the amateurs who are making history with the fledgling TEA Party movement.

Brace yourselves Americans, this rant is ~ a tad longer ~ than most. . .

Yesterday I attended a Scott Brown Thank You Rally in Dracut. It was a wonderful event – a big room filled with quietly relieved and happy folks who’d almost all worked on Scott’s election.  There was no bombast, no vengeance, no crowing, no shouts of “We’ll show them!”  Just quiet joy that with Scott we now have a chance to hold back the rolling tide of progressives and socialist who are so determined to ruin our nation in the name of “social justice’.

But elsewhere Republicans are getting out in front of their own parades. Last November Virginians elected Republican Bob McDonnell as their next governor despite Obama campaigning for the democrat. New Jersey turned out a long-time senator-turned-governor and voted in Republican Chris Christie. In the NY 23rd, unknown Independent Doug Hoffman lost by a mere 4% after Newt Gingrich blundered by endorsing the RiNO Dede Scozzafava. [Newt, how could you?]

And then our Massachusetts Miracle – Republican Scott Brown took our seat back from Camelot, and broke that dynasty of progressive Democrat Senators that Massachusetts seemed doomed to send to Washington.

But this was hardly a Republican victory,  and Republicans should be damned quick to acknowledge it.  Scott did deserve to win.  He is EXACTLY the kind of man who should run for high office, and who voters should elect.  But here in Mass-a-ONE-Shit [some of you will understand that joke] it could not have happened without the “perfect storm” – of the badly multi-flawed Democrat Coakley, our lame-duck duffus governor Duh-val Patrick,  the widespread anger over ObamaCare,  the rise of the TEA Party movement, and those two last-second campaign visits by Bubba Clinton and then Obama – who came to campaign for a woman he’d never met – and railed against Scott’s pickup truck.

Yes, we Republicans worked our little asses off,  but it was the disaffected Democrats and the indignant Independents who elected Scott, and drove a wooden stake into the evil heart of ObamaCare.  Any Republican crowing between now and November 3rd will be highly unfortunate, and counter-productive.

Right now Republicans across the country should count their blessings, reload their muskets, and get ready for a long year of rebuilding our Party and our image. We must win over those the disaffected Democrats and the indignant Independents, and any Moonbats that we can awaken – one voter at a time.  We don’t have a day or an hour to waste. You can be sure that George Soros has seen what is happening to his plan, and is already taking steps to ensure the triumph of he version of world socialism.

Here in Massachusetts our mission is very clear. We must vote out each of our 10 Democrats who voted for the “Stimulus” Bill, for Cap & Trade, for ObamaCare, and for raising the National Debt Ceiling.  The entire “Gang of Tenall must go starting with Barney Frank and ending with Niki Tsongas.  We have to dump Duh-val – being careful that we don’t replace him with a dangerous RiNO, – and we have to be prepared that John Ketchup Kerry may accept a cabinet job at almost any time. [Hillary is wearing out fast.]  We need to reclaim that seat for the People too.  Jeff Beatty, are you listening?

At the national level, Michael Steele better start eating some high-fiber foods,  with a lot of calcium supplements, and develop a real Republican backbone.


Republican, Independent, and Conservative voters must unite to expel every “Dem” [or any RiNO] who voted for ObamaCare or the Cap & Tax bill.

The Democratic party of the 40s and 50s has been hijacked and murdered.  It doesn’t exist anymore.  Avowed “Progressives” are really new-age Socialists – people who believe in government takeovers.  They must be voted OUT!  Any legislator who voted for a bill they never read is by definition unworthy of holding office. That single breach of the public trust is enough to warrant being fired.

Explain this to voters in simple terms.  If you were running your own family business, would you keep employing managers who spent millions of your money without reading the specs of an invoice or accounting for the goods received?  Or would you fire them?

“Man-made Global Warming” is a discredited myth, – a fraud perpetrated by rogue scientists for personal glory and personal financial gain.  This myth must not be allowed to drive our financial or our energy policy.  Let’s do what’s best for America.  In the end – that will be best for the World and the environment. Our nuclear Navy is proof we can have a safe, effective and relatively cheap source of endless electricity.

Embrace business-friendly and industry-friendly tax plans and stop treating our industrialists like pariahs.  They are the VERY people who create jobs build American wealth and power.

Unions should soon come to realize who their real friends are. In an age where we compete with cheap – almost expendable labor in China, India, and the Third World, unions should temper their traditional demands with reason. And they must quickly figure out that anti-industry Dems and Progressives are forcing their jobs overseas even as they spend mandatory union campaign contributions on false TV advertising.

There are some dark concepts that union workers need to understand.  Progressives look at factories as large, ugly, dirty, dangerous places where evil capitalists enslave workers while blithely polluting the environment, exploiting precious natural resources, and raking in hugely obscene profits.

Progressives look upon factory workers as helpless uneducated victims who must be forced into unions, milked of dues for political campaigns, and told how to vote by selected union bosses and shop stewards. When progressives look at factories they don’t see American industrial strength and the accumulation of American national treasure.  They see ugly evil things which must be regulated, inspected, vilified, and above all, – taxed.

But if a factory job allows a man or woman to raise a family, buy and pay off a home, educate children, and earn a retirement, – what is an empty factory?  What is an empty factory building when the work has moved to China?   I call it a stark testament to the shortsighted social tinkering of “progressive” politicians since the end of WWII.

Treat terrorists like war criminals, – not citizen-criminals.  Try them overseas by military commissions, and let firing squads render appropriate justice. Our Constitution is not a suicide pact. Our leaders have a duty to protect Americans, not terrorists.

Obama must dismiss his 36-plus Socialist Czars, – since there is no provision for them in our Constitution.

Shoveling wads of taxpayer money into our schools does not make them better.  Throwing the worst do-nothing teachers out is a much better solution.  Expunging the socialist propaganda and revisionist history from their curriculum should quickly follow.

Tell Democrats and Progressives to stop attacking our 2nd Amendment.  It is the ONLY thing protecting and guaranteeing anybody’s 1st Amendment rights.  When goons break into your home at night – particularly if they’ve targeted you because they know you’re old and feeble, – your bedside gun is your only reliable defense.

We are the pro-life party,  period!  But we need to understand that Roe-v-Wade will only be overturned when a full generation of new American voters have come to view abortion as an American sin, – one far greater than slavery was.  Not to be callus, but plantation owners bred slaves, they saw those babies as valuable.  Today’s pro-choice advocates apparently see a baby as a matter of choice, a whim, – even a coin toss.  Get in a fight with the daddy?   Teach him – abort his baby! 

We must oppose abortion on constitutional grounds with as much eloquence as we do on moral grounds.  And we must make a vigorous stand against any “exception for the health of the woman” when the abortion industry is lobbying for late-term and partial-birth exceptions.  We must call wholesale murder and genocide by its name

Here’s a chatter-stopping thought:  how many children of outspoken pro-choice women will someday turn to their mothers and askMom, how many of my siblings did you abort?  Or the follow-up question:Mom, are you so pro-abortion because you think I’m a slut who might need one, – or because you’ve hated raising me so much?

We need to explain in firm but gentle terms the absolute hypocrisy of pro-choice women who insist that even late-term and partial-birth abortion is somehow their “constitutional right”, – and their opposition to the death penalty for even serial child rapists and killers.

We can’t really raise kids in America without teaching them what a magnificent and wondrous marvel our Nation is.  And somewhere in that discussion we must acknowledge that God had a hand in all of it, from creating the land, the animals, the fish and the birds, and us.  His hand and His teachings guided our founding fathers through bitter times, through a long and painful revolution, through the drafting of our Constitution, and later through a horrible civil war which tested whether such a nation could or would endure.

As Republicans we must stand and speak out against the forces of godlessness who want to expunge God and Religion from all parts of our public life. Our laws and our rules of behavior towards each other are rooted in the Ten Commandments, – and cannot be offensive to anyone who expects his own life, property, and marriage to be honored and respected by the community he lives in. 

We must repeatedly point out that everywhere in History that some men wanted to change the gods, or to replace gods, – the replacement was always either a ruthless bloody dictator or an equally ruthless and bloody oligarchy.  Our very concepts of Democracy evolve from our concepts of God and that our station in the hereafter depends on how well we live and treat each other here.


 Republican leaders and Republicans in general must look at race in much different terms starting now.  BHO Jr. is in the White House today largely because Republicans for a hundred years were utterly stupid about race.  Most Democrats, most Republicans, and even most Blacks don’t know enough history to tell you that Harry Truman didn’t de-segregate the US Military, – he re-de-segregated it!  Prior to WWI we had a smoothly functioning non-segregated military.  But that famous Progressive – Woodrow Wilson was also an ardent racist – and he ordered the Army and Navy to be segregated.

NEVER let a Democrat claim the mantel of “Race Equality Champions”.  They have promised much,  delivered little,  hyped the differences,  stoked the fears,  and all the while used Black Americans as a guaranteed voting block. Democrats and Progressives have used Blacks ruthlessly, and delivered little but new promises with each election cycle.  Worse, they have driven offshore the very jobs the poor Black population needed to work their way out of the quicksand of inner-city poverty.

It is in the interest of the Democratic Party – these new-age Progressives – to keep huge numbers of Black Americans as social and economic prisoners in inner-city ghettos. There they can be fed a subsistence diet of welfare, food stamps, medical care, receive substandard public education by unionized teachers, and be allowed a nearly unfettered supply of mind-numbing drugs, – and then be a reliable source of votes every two years.

There isn’t a Progressive alive who has a plan to break this cycle of poverty, despair, and crime which will see most young black men enticed into gangs and on to prisons, and most young black girls having babies in their teenage years, – only to refresh the cycle.  But Blacks were conned into believing that Obama was their Messiah. He is hardly that, – just a much more polished “Poverty Pimp” than Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton or Louis Farrakhan.

Here is our opportunity Republicans.  Stop looking at Blacks like the unintended consequences of winning the Civil War, – or as a voting block belonging to Democrats!  Start talking to them as people, and see how many are actually working for a living, – having rejected any thoughts of “entitlement” generations ago.  They should be Republican voters, – encouraged and welcomed at you meetings and your party events, and helping us build a stronger party – and a stronger nation.  Many of them have already seen through Obama’s bullshit.  Many are becoming embarrassed at having been conned by him. We must offer them a part in replacing him, and all the other bullshit artists – at every level of government.  Offer something more realistic that an image of “HOPE” on a cheap T-shirt.

Obama’s minions have actually given us the very tool we need to defeat him.  They made his campaign all about HIM – about HOPE and CHANGE.  There never was a résumé of accomplishments – never any substance to the wire diagram.  Just a secret birth certificate and hidden college records.  We should all carry in our wallets that stupid HOPE picture.  Then when we’re discussing politics with anybody – black, white, brown or purple, – we can pull it out and ask them was it an idea worth risking our economy for – or was it part of a snake-oil salesman’s mumbo-jumbo con of the Voters?  Ask people what was unemployment under Bush-Cheney – and what is it today?


Let’s start talking about America ideals again.  Immigrants are expected to obey our laws, learn English, become citizens,  work and pay taxes.  This game of giving wads of taxpayer dollars to anybody who shows up on our doorstep has already reached the tipping point in California, and other states are close behind.  The inescapable flaw in the concept of the welfare or nanny state is that most of the people have to work and make something of value to support those sucking on the government teat.  We cannot keep shipping our work off shore and still expect to support millions of non-working citizens and non-working illegals.

Unemployed software engineers and financial advisors cannot afford a weekly crew of illegal Mexican gardeners. So soon the gardeners will be unemployed.  Unless and until we can control our borders and control immigration, we are at risk of losing our national sovereignty, and worse we are at risk of an ethnic civil war.

We need to understand that Mexico is not simply a cheap vacation spot for America’s middle class.  It is also a festering cauldron of poverty, corruption, and drug lords which is relentlessly pushing into our southwest – and many of those pushing in have real dreams of reclaiming our territory.  A possible solution is to make the Border Patrol a quasi-military branch of DOD, and use a national draft [with GI Bill type benefits] to man it at a level to absolutely secure our borders.  We can and must secure ourselves, – or our children will wish we had.

Republicans must insist loudly on real border security, and controlled immigration.  We do need new citizens to keep us a vigorous nation, but we will not survive a wholesale ethnic migration.  And we Republicans should welcome into our party any hard working immigrants who have come with good intentions, who are obeying our laws,  and earning their living and raising good kids.  They and thier kids are the real future of our party, and we must embrace them.

Folks, I’ve departed from my usual format with this long and ~ slightly ~ rambling essay.  I once again risk offending various groups, – even people whose friendships I cherish and value. 

But Republicans need a wake-up call, and it seems that Obama – Pelosi – Reid – Soros almost isn’t enough?  So which do we value most – which will we fight for:  the Obama-Soros vision of Socialist America, – or our Founder’s vision of a Free People in a Free Republic – as laid down in our Constitution and explained in detail in the Federalist Papers?  I’ve made my choice!

    /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts

One Response to “Is Our Republican Leadership Ready?”

  1. britsarmymom

    ********Just asking********** Does being pro-choice and homosexual disqualify a citizen from joining the Republican Party? I heard Scott Brown endorse choice yesterday. Is he a RiNO?
    I agree that the Democrat Party of my parents has devolved to an extremely dangerous movement toward global socialist submission. My hours volunteering at Brown’s Littleton phone bank provided a seminal opportunity to be heard and push back. However, as much as I’m drawn to embrace the Republican Party, I can’t do it as a self-hating hypocrite who holds non-party values.
    In Massachusetts I have a choice between being a Republican with closet values or registering “undeclared” (word spinners have neutered the status of “Independent”). With so many like me, how does rigidity build the Republican base?