Is Obama Going Insane?

Posted October 10th, 2011 by Iron Mike

I commend to your reading an excellent piece in the NY Post by Michael Goodwin: Aimless Obama walks alone.  Goodwin reports that Obama is increasingly isolated within the WH, and seems only happy when making ‘campaign appearances’  – where crowds of joyous moonbats are still able to energize him.

I think the problem is much more serious – and dangerous.

With his overall approval rating now hovering at 42%, Obama knows that only a miracle can give him a second term. He is going the way of Jimmy Carter.

Carter was an inept but arrogant fool, but Obama is arrogant, cunning, and capable of malicious acts.

A desperate Obama is a dangerous animal.

Most thinking Democrats have begun to understand that three years ago they were swept along with the riptide. Their fierce determination to do a ‘non-racist thing’ prevented them from questioning Obama’s credentials.

Now they can see that he had none. They were fooled, and they know it.

Only the most poorly educated MoonBats – the ones who babble slogans like a parrot in a pet shop are still planning to vote for Obama.  Most of these are insulated from our 9.1% unemployment by government jobs.

Right now Obama is looking at the rest of his life – and wondering if Jimmy needs help pounding nails into the sub-standard homes he builds.

What does retirement have to offer a washed up failed president?

Well, – he could ~ probably ~ play himself in the movie.

He can undoubtedly write a book. Some sleazy left-wing university might hire him as a department chair or even as a university president.

Maybe he could get a gig at the UN. But Bill Clinton wants that job.

So the image of failure will hang like an albatross around him for the rest of his life. Only fair, given the amount of American Wealth he has destroyed – on purpose.

Back in 2008 we Republicans cautioned voters to beware of a man with no visible paper trail, and no close friends. Today it is clear that Obama has no friendsNONE – and never did. He only has political friends – who today are all underlings.

Today the man who voted ‘present’ 130 times in the Illinois Senate is essentially doing the same thing – voting ‘present’ in the White House – when he’s there – but taking as many trips away as possible.

Is anybody surprised – really surprised – that this fraud who NEVER held an executive position is totally out of his depth?

Imagine his disappointment when he found out he didn’t have kingly powers.

How long do you suppose it took Obama to realize [or admit] that the military officers who saluted and said ‘Yes Sir’ were only respecting the position, – not the man – and were forcing themselves to honor their oaths?

Now he probably dreads visitors – wondering which will come with the message that the Democrats don’t want him to run in 2012.

And he’s getting closer to the day when he’s going to have to fire his three most faithful servants – Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano and Steven Chu.

With these pressures, how long before he retreats to Camp David for a week of weed and cocaine?

Obama is first and last a narcissist. Without a constant diet of praise and adulation, the beast within will starve, then snap.  A raving mad Obama may yet test the strength of our 25th Amendment.

Then we’d have the National Village Idiot in charge. Jeesh! And you thought the VP job was ‘largely ceremonial’?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Is Obama Going Insane?”

  1. Zachary

    I just saw this over on the Internet and thought you might get a laugh

    Herman Cain is Joe Morgan!

  2. Questionnaire

    I don’t believe! Obama is a leader who has handled the pressure very well then bush..even in the economic down turn he stood high! I feel every one will understand after his 5 years tenure!@Sara…