Is Killing Unborn Babies “Settled Law”?

Posted July 8th, 2018 by Iron Mike

As we await Trump’s naming of Justice Kennedy’s replacement,  – to be followed by the inevitable death of Justice Ginsburg,…the followers of Justice Roger Taney keep muttering “Settled Law,…settled law!”

The 1857 Dred Scott Decision (7 to 2) remained ‘settled law’ until both sides had lost a total of 620,000 killed and an equal number wounded,  – until Sherman had swept across central Georgia,  – and Lee had surrendered at Appomattox.   Blood settled what Roger Taney avoided – the Truth.

Since that Roe v Wade decision in 1973,  Americans have all but ignored the daily genocide of unborn babies – mostly Black and Hispanic,  – and poor White.   We’ve stood silently by as some 54 MILLION LIVES have been snuffed out – PAID FOR with Taxpayer Money.

That put this American Genocide well ahead of:

Hitler:  12+ Million – Jews, Russian POWs, Gypsies, gays, the insane.

Stalin:  27+ Million – Czarists, White Russians, Kulaks, Catholics

And still the Democrats (paid by Planned Parenthood) keep talking about “a Woman’s RIGHT to Choose”,…and “Settled Law!”

How very odd that these same Democrats who want your tax dollars to subsidize the genocide going on inside abortion mills,  – DON’T want you to own a gun,  – and certainly not a scary-looking black one!

And despite killing off 54 MILLION American Babies,  – they claim our economy “NEEDS” 12 million illegal Mexican peasants – ‘to fill the jobs’….

DARK HUMOR:  If those 54 MILLION American Babies had been born,  the Democrat Party would have elected Hillary in 2016….

But just as the Dred Scott Decision gave immediate rise to the Republican Party,  and then the election of Abraham Lincoln,…and then our bloody Civil War,….

…the Left’s snarly preoccupation with abortion, illegal immigrants, globalism, the Al Gore environmental hoax, and the Soros/Obama/Hillary cabal – – all gave rise to a reborn Republican Party and the election of Donald Trump.

Now our Supreme Court will slowly change…..

And maybe Americans will wake up to some ugly facts,  – and realize that while SLAVERY is a dark spot on our national history….(there were 4 million slaves freed)…

…the taxpayer-funded wholesale murder of 54 MILLION BABIES may be the ugliest stain of any society or any people in the history of the world.

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