Is Kamala Harris Now The Co-President?

Posted March 24th, 2021 by Iron Mike

“She speaks FOR me.”  The transition from Biden to Harris has already begun.   Is this what Democrats voted for?  Did they understand that Joe was losing his faculties as fast as he is losing his hair?

Harris has already proven herself evil,  soulless,  and ruthlessly ambitious.  Honest Americans should be cringing,  – even as they horde ammo and prep for terrible days ahead.

4 Responses to “Is Kamala Harris Now The Co-President?”

  1. Hawk1776

    A classic “bait and switch”. Kamala couldn’t even win her party’s nomination but she’s on the cusp of being president. And Democrats call Republicans stupid.

  2. Jim Buba

    We shall now Officially blame Blinky as the Dominion Candidate Abdicate

  3. panther6

    She is a threat to our Republic or what ever is left of it. Only a major sweep in 2022 can keep her under control and she will be in control long before then I fear.

  4. Jim Ettwein

    Biden is out of his league… and Kamala is hardly qualified to step in and do something positive. Neither one of them has ever accomplished anything of note. Neither one has the intelligence to figure out how to solve the problem at the border. It’ll get worse and worse.

    Biden’s press conference today is solid evidence that he is not fit to lead. He’s going down hill by the hour. He was the perfect Trojan horse for the dems in the election. Now he’s performed his duty and, probably as promised, he’s ready to hand over the reins to someone else. Unfortunately for the USA, it’s Kamalalalala – who is only qualified to be a bimbo… all that she ever was.

    I see some good in this… every action they take seems engineered to enable the other party (whichever it is) to storm in and take over the House, and the Senate, in the election next year.