Is Judge Sullivan Acting Under Duress?

Posted May 14th, 2020 by Iron Mike

First appointed by Ronald Reagan,  for 36 years Sullivan has handled a series of tough and politically charged cases – without a hitch.

Suddenly he wants to hear from non-parties – looking for reasons NOT to dismiss charges against LTG Mike Flynn,  – and in fact ADD charges of perjury. What’s up?
Friday, 15 May   Bizarre UPDATE:

Given the unanimous decision by the US Supreme Court last week rebuking the 3-judge panel of the 9th Circuit for bringing in uninvolved third parties to argue points not part of the original case,…Sullivan’s action is highly suspect:

Is he playing for time so that the original coup plotters have time to hire defense attorneys?

As a Black man,  – is he trying to shield Americas first (half) Black President?

Is he just trying to prove to Democrats everywhere that he gave it a good try before he dismisses the case,  – per the request of the Justice Department?

Or,…is he acting under duress,  – and just trying to muddy the waters,  – until some witnesses can be Arkancided…?

Lurking just outside his courtroom is the constant possibility of Donald Trump getting fed up with the bullshit and just issuing a blanket pardon to General Flynn.

UPDATE: Friday PM 15 May 2020 Un-FUCKING-Believable!

Judge Sullivan is creating bizarre legal history every day now!

He has just ordered that the giant Washington DC legal firm of Covington & Burling LLP appear as “an interested party” when he hears the DOJ Motion to Dismiss in the case of General Flynn.

Covington & Burling LLP is the firm employing Flynn’s former lawyers Robert Kelner and Stephen Anthony – who LET HIM PLEA GUILTY – when they knew it was a perjury trap – that Flynn had been tricked into talking without a lawyer – not even told that he was the TARGET of the FBI investigation.

Flynn fired them,  hired Sidney Powell – who started digging for the truth and uncovered it.

WHAT POSSIBLE REASON would Judge Sullivan have to drag them back into a case – where they are facing a WHOPPING HUGE LAWSUIT for Insufficiency of Counsel???

UNLESS he has secret ties to the firm?  Like maybe he’s friends with Eric Holder (Obama’s Attorney General 2009-2013)?

John E. Hall,  Chair of Covington & Burling’s global litigation practice,  submitted the filing, which Judge Sullivan approved.

Once General Flynn is a free man, he will of course sue the pants off Kelner, Anthony, and Covington & Burlington. He’ll win, and it will be a highly public humiliation for them.   

If Flynn is convicted – even of a slightly different charge,  Kelner, Anthony, et al will be mostly off the hook.

At RRB we have to wonder,  have the Clintons gotten to Sullivan?  Has he been told of his upcoming Arkancide, – if he doesn’t find a way to get Flynn behind bars?

Because, – once a free man again,  Flynn is sure to start exposing both Obama and Hillary’s dirty work in creating and arming ISIS.  This is really a fight to the death!

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