Is Joe Biden Really Certifiable?

Posted August 21st, 2019 by Iron Mike

On the same day his neurosurgeon attempts to vouch for him,  Joe is at it again – confusing facts, history, and his story line.

Doctor Kassell, we have to ask:  “No change”?  If he was this bad 31 years ago,  – why did you bother to operate…?  The money…? video:

Watch as Biden both blows 20th Century Political History (he was a senior in Law School in ’68) and makes a backhanded remark about women’s memories….

These were MAJOR EVENTS in 1968,  only equaled by the Têt Offensive in Vietnam and the Presidential Elections and accompanying riots….

How could Biden have forgotten?  Unless,…his brain is gone…?

Biden was elected to the US Senate in ’72 – sworn in January ’73,  – 46 years ago!  Supposedly he has lived and breathed current events and politics every day since?

Or has he just been flashing his famous grin and mailing it in? 

4 Responses to “Is Joe Biden Really Certifiable?”

  1. Vic

    this reminds me of when Zonker from Doonsbury thought he was present at the moon landing….

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Biden’s incredible… I Googled the word “dumb” and his picture showed up!

  3. Hawk1776

    Biden has always been gaffe prone, but he seems to be worse now. The Democrats have to face the distinct possibility not having a viable candidate in 2020. George McGovern anyone?

  4. Knight Knight

    Biden: The Great White Dope.