Is Hillary’s Life In Danger?

Posted September 22nd, 2015 by Iron Mike

Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and 40+ others, – died to protect the Clinton Cartel.   Now is it Hillary’s turn to take a bullet for Obama?
22 Oct 2015
Her loyal army of graying dowager ‘we-want-a-woman’ followers never bothered to see or hear the truth. With October 22nd closing in,  and her poll numbers tanking,  do Soros and Obama have very little to lose – and a lot to salvage,  – if Hillary comes to a ‘tragic and unexpected end’?

I think the “Heir Apparent” is in terrible danger,  – in a pickle of her own making,  – designed and built with her own ambitions and miscalculations.

She has always despised the ‘little people’ – the common working Americans who were raising families and saving for their retirements.  She always knew better than them,  – always knew she was destined to be president someday…

Then Obama outsmarted and outmaneuvered her – and took the prize.  So she thought she’d play that hand – work for him as SecState,  – and wait for 2016.

But she underestimated Obama’s depth of evil,…and she knows way too much.

…and those damned emails can prove a lot of it….

…and all that Arab money squirreled away in her fake world charity…

…she could be looking at serious prison time,….or a ‘tragic accident’…or worse.

WHAT did Mister Obama get his ambitious and ruthless SecState into?

In a word:  TREASON! 

High Crimes and Misdemeanors!  Arms smuggling and the overthrow of sovereign heads of statelying to Congress,…and interfering with prosecution by lying to investigators and destroying evidence.

And as her Cloak of Inevitability begins to slip from her shoulders, – she could bring down her co-conspirators if she is left alive to talk….

A timely burial with full honors in Arlington could save a lot of evil hides…

Hillary going to Arlington

I’m just an aging and sometimes grumpy blogger, – so I won’t bother to make book or take bets. I’ll leave that to others.

The bets would be on the manner of death….

…a tragic plane crash like Ron Brown…

…a sudden unattended ‘heart attack’ like Andrew Breitbart…

…a ‘despondent suicide’ like Vince Foster….

…a fanatical sniper in a window or atop a grassy knoll

hanging in a barn like Mary Kennedy….

choking on a ham sandwich like Momma Cass…

limo accident like General George S. Patton….

…a massive fire at Chappaqua or at a campaign hotel…

…or…ever-popular in Muslim circles – the suicide car bomber

With just 30 short days before Hillary is due to testify – in public – under OATH – before Congress, there are several clocks ticking maddeningly away.

Justice for Hillary

First,  young computer geek Bryan Pagliano will need to either accept immunity and spill his guts – or likely be locked up for a long time.

Second,  the FBI – which is currently being VERY secretive about what they’ve found – needs to come up with some juicy and incriminating emails.   RRB is pretty sure both the Russians and Chinese can furnish copies….

Third,   Trey Gowdy needs to see if the House will back his play – to hold Hillary in Contempt of Congress – if she takes the Fifth.

Fourth,  there is the question of Hillary’s co-conspirators – her State Department staffers…   Will they go to jail for her…?   If she’s not going to be President,  – she won’t be able to pardon them….

Treason For Hillary

Lastly, the Soros-Obama Cartel must decide if it’s safer to eliminate the threat, – or if a blanket Presidential Pardon will keep her mouth shut…

Hey Hillary, – does it begin to make a difference – now?

Blood of Benghazi

Bill can’t wait to see what happens. If you go away, he’ll be cruising the coffee shops in the Hamptons, – and turning Chappaqua into New York State’s version of the Bunny Ranch!

Bill and the Bunny Ranch

Pagliano gets immunity


5 Responses to “Is Hillary’s Life In Danger?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    WOW, I won’t touch this with a ten foot poll, but there is much food for thought and we thank you for you conspiratorial mind, we think alike, but you have much more conspiratorial courage than I could even imagine.

  2. Varvara

    I think right on schedule Chelsea will get pregnant and Hillary will bow out of the race to devote more time to being a grandmother. Then the little one can visit Grandmother Hillary in prison.

  3. Hawk1776

    I don’t buy the conspiracy theory, but I do think something’s not right with Hillary. Ever since she fell and hit her head she has seemed “off” to me. It’s possible that her lack of debates, failure to answer questions and few public appearances are intended to minimize her stress and to conceal her health problems.

  4. Robert Greenhalge


    Let’s take a step back fron the above fantasy and get back into reality, shall we?

    Hillary’s latest poll numbers have her again above Bernie; but who is really suprised!?

    Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Nominee for President. Who can stop her? If you think Donald Trump; (yes, I am still voting for him) then Hillary is the next President.

    Donald Trump will prove to be the best thing that happens to liberals…seeeing he himself is/once was one. His rhetoric should mean ZERO to conservatives.

    Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States based soley on the direct ignorance of the Republican electorate as well as the :reality TV” movement of the nation. Donald Trump is the best thing ever to happen in Hillary’s disgusting “career”.

    Real Conservatives better find an alternate FAST…otherwise is Doom and Gloom for the GOP.

  5. kojack

    It’s a nice thought(as is the image of her in prison) but I don’t believe it will happen.