Is Hillary Dying? Constitutional Crisis!

Posted September 12th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Maybe she ‘just has pneumonia’, ~ maybe…   But maybe the darkest rumors are true – and she has something much worse.   Maybe she’s dying….
If any of the worst-case scenarios are true,  her health could be about to trigger a major constitutional crisis….

POSSIBILITY ONE:   Hillary is elected,  sworn in on January 20th,  and shortly after falls deathly sick and doctors confirm she is dying – unable to function.


Under the provisions of our 25th Amendment Little Timmy Kaine would be sworn in as President, – and then get to pick his new Veep – subject to approval by the Senate.


POSSIBILITY TWO:   Hillary is elected on November 8th,  – but then falls deathly sick – unable to perform presidential duties,  – or even dies before January 20th.

This would be a Constitutional Crisis, – because there is no provision in our Constitution covering the death or utter incapacity of a president-elect.

Even as Vice-President elect, Timmy Kaine’s claim to the office would be challenged.obama-declair

Most likely scenario:   Obama would claim that he “…needs to stay in office until a SPECIAL ELECTION can be held…”  – while both Kaine and the Republicans take a series of appeals to the Supreme Court…  This could drag on until June 2017.


POSSIBILITY THREE: Hillary falls deathly ill – perhaps bedridden and unable to function during the next few weeks,  – well before November 8th.

This will not be a ‘Constitutional Crisis’,  – but will be treated by the media as if it were.

Some will want the Election conducted anyway,  for the symbolic reason of “electing the First Woman President”  – even if it was clear she were dying in place and unlikely to survive until inauguration…

Others will demand the DNC convene an Emergency Nominating Convention – with the same delegates that voted in August….to pick a new emergency candidate – in time to be placed on the ballot.

Likely contenders would be Bernie Biden,  and maybe Bloomberg….

BUT:  This last-minute maneuver will run afoul of various state laws regarding time limits and deadlines to be placed on their ballots – many of which would have already been printed….

You need to envision 50+ court cases,…and each losing side attempting to have the US Supreme Court hear their appeal.

AND there will be sheer panic across the land among the down-ballot Democrats running (they had hoped) on Hillary’s coattails.  With her out of the running,  and the Democrat Party in chaos and disarray – there will be a frenzy unlike any spectacle you’ve ever seen….

Can a new name be substituted on printed ballots in time?

Will enough people be smart enough to write in the new name in states which cannot print new ballots?

Will some Democrats simply vote for Hillary (even if she is already buried in Arlington) – just for the symbolic gesture…?

We can be sure that some Democrats wouldn’t even know that she’d died and been buried….

NOTHING in our Constitution covers the issue of how candidate names get on the ballots of the 50 states.

Article II, § 1 covers the procedures of the Electoral College,  – and leaves to the States the matter of actual voting.  Thus the US Supreme Court may find that it has no jurisdiction in such matters.

BOTH political parties should have anticipated a crisis caused by the incapacitating illness or death of a nominee,  or of a President-elect,…long ago.  But like most matters of importance,  – they kicked the can down the road.

Now we’ll witness a funny spectacle – godless Democrats actually praying to God that Hillary recovers….


8 Responses to “Is Hillary Dying? Constitutional Crisis!”

  1. g2849827

    The law doesn’t matter. The Constitution doesn’t matter.

    See John Ashcroft’s Senate race as an example. His opponent died, was kept on the ballot, and won. The Senate seat was then handed over the deceased’s wife.


    Agreed in part. BUT, electing US Senators is STILL a STATE MATTER. The 17th Amendment (ratified in 1913) took the power of State Legislatures to chose their US Senators, and gave it to the people by popular vote.

    However they left the State Legislatures with the power to chose replacements.

  2. g2849827

    “Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution sets three qualifications for senators: (1) they must be at least 30 years old, (2) they must have been citizens of the United States for at least the past nine years, and (3) they must be inhabitants of the states they seek to represent at the time of their election.”

    I guess my point is that a dead person is not qualified, and so he never should have been able to win. It is possible I’m interpreting things too strictly.

  3. Sherox

    I actually wonder if this is all part of a big farce. Nothing regarding this election would surprise me. Let’s face it, yesterday’s news was all about Hillary, not about 9/11 or Benghazi. If she actually is sick with pneumonia, how could she then play with her grandchildren, be taken to Chelsea’s apartment vs. a hospital, and then be so flippant about it? It’s my opinion, that this is all a bunch of BS.

  4. Jim

    Well, let the fun begin. Personally, I think any of the above will confuse Democrats, as they are not options based on “feelings”. They will tend to try to make emotional pleas, which have no legal standing.
    Option 1. Should be a non-issue. It’s well-defined.
    Option 2. Obama could NOT stay in office because it’s Constitutionally prohibited. I guess they could swear in a dead Hillary and then declare her not able to fulfill her duties and let the VP take over. Or they could swear in Kaine… if he’s able. (Sorry for the pun)
    Option 3. If Hilly isn’t well enough to be a viable candidate, then the Dems would have no option other than to get their voters to either: a) write-in someone of the DNC’s choosing; b) vote for Hillary anyway; c) state’s will rule the day and the SC will be left outside without standing in the case. The Constitution is crystal clear on elections being the province of the states. Those that have ballot printing deadlines will either have to pass a special law to cover the one-time occurrence, or the DNC will have to figure out what it intends to do within the law to be part of such election.

  5. Hawk1776

    The pneumonia diagnosis is convenient. Funny how it wasn’t announced Friday when it allegedly was issued. I think her candidacy is in real trouble. If she can’t continue there is little that the Dems can do to add another candidate to the ballots.

  6. Kojack

    Personally, I would LOVE to see her begin her everlasting repentance…..the world and especially America would be a better place.

  7. FLICK

    Weekend at Hillary’s.

  8. Rubén Rivero Capriles

    I hope Trump continues his pivot and acts presidential no matter whatever happens to Hillary. We need him to win. This reminds me the election of Chávez (weho dies after taking office) vs Capriles in Venezuela a few years ago.