Is Governor Baker Feeling Lonely Lately?

Posted October 4th, 2016 by Iron Mike

He was so calm, so cool and aloof when he was running for governor 2 years ago, – maybe even a little smug…   Now between a rogue lesbian AG rewriting the State’s gun laws, – and a couple of goons abusing their new state offices,….he’s starting to look a lot like Mike Dukakis defending his Willie Horton furlough…
And since Tall Deval has already pissed on and pissed off all the Conservatives and Real Republican in the Commonwealth,  – who’s he gonna talk to?  The Boston Globe?  Maybe Bill Weld…?  Hillary?
Experience tells me Baker is sitting on a much bigger problem,  – hoping it will go away…  Who is stealing what Charlie…?

UPDATE:    Wed afternoon 5 Oct 2016

Oh SHIT!    Damn,…my hunch was right…MORE FIRINGS!

In the job barely 18 months and Michael Valanzola of Wales MA is being booted for pressuring a state employee to have her fiancée halt his political race.

Valanzola used to work for EMC,  – was hired to work for Matthew Beaton as controller in the Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.


It’s the age-old story of giving a man a job he hasn’t really earned, – a title, – an office, – maybe a vehicle [lights and sirens], – and the feeling that he is ‘connected’ to the powerful,…

and he let’s things go to his head….

Brace yourself Charlie, – this looks a LOT like the TIP of the Iceberg!

5 Responses to “Is Governor Baker Feeling Lonely Lately?”

  1. Hunter556

    Read this very closely:

    I would love to escort him to Baker’s or the judges’ home and let him in for the day…..see how they like living among the trash they allow to prey on us. Only we don’t have heavily armed staties to protect us.

  2. sad4magop

    When it comes to those he chooses to surround himself with, Baker’s judgement is poor at best. When you surround yourself with the mediocre instead of the best, things never get better, they only get worse. So history would suggest there are more problems in the near future.

  3. Catherine

    The maxim I learned many moons ago was that first-rate managers hire first-rate people – but second-rate managers hire third-rate people.

    Gee, wonder which one Charlie is? /sarc/

  4. Jim Buba

    The adage, “We tried to tell him!” is so very true, making this sad, very sad indeed.

    Point blank, handshake in the works, I carefully recall warning him of the people surrounding him.

    He said “I get it!”

  5. Jim Buba

    Obviously not.