Is DEATH Coming To Nancy Pelosi?

Posted June 8th, 2018 by Iron Mike

For these past 18 months or so,...Nancy Pelosi seems to be having trouble speaking,  and with completing cogent sentences.  What is affecting her brain?

Ego won’t let her retire gracefully,  – and this would have been the year to do so.  Do we have to wait for the disease to drop her in her tracks?
Can you ~ imagine ~ the tone of her conversation with Saint Peter,…as he reviews this “Catholic’s” record on abortion?

3 Responses to “Is DEATH Coming To Nancy Pelosi?”

  1. Catherine

    You are making the unwarranted assumption that she’s going to get as far as an interview with good ole Pete. Unless she repents (Greek; metanoia – meaning change your mind) she’s not getting anywhere near him. I’ll just say she won’t need a sweater, and leave it at that.


    Maybe somebody should take her to visit Kilauea…?

  2. Kojack

    1st McCain and now maybe Pelosi….I wonder if any more RiNO’s or DEMOCRAPS will be term-limited by God.

  3. Mt Woman

    Nancy’s not ill, she’s just an old bat who misses and resents her past days of glory as Speaker. She truly holds anger for those she believes is less than her liberal beliefs.