Is A New Pearl Harbor Being Planned?

Posted December 7th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Across the wide Pacific Ocean lurks a growing threat to our Nation – to our Freedom,…and most Americans – including our ‘leaders’ – are oblivious.  Are you?

For these past 50+ years, our union-run public schools have been deliberately soft-peddling History and Geography lessons,  – if favor of a Globalist one-world view of mankind and our planet.

Kids graduate high school today believing in Climate Change,  – but totally ignorant of the causes and outcomes of WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, or the Gulf War….

Thus young Americans are IGNORANT about the History of the Bloody 20th Century,  and look at all nations and all peoples as “friends”.

Sadly,  many teaching in our schools today would rather live under global socialism than global free enterprise,…even with Cuba and Venezuela imploding under their noses;  – because they don’t really trust Freedom and Free Enterprise to equitably distribute wealth….

50+ years of union school teachers – propagandizing kids instead of teaching them,  – have left us vulnerable to ruthless conquerors from several quarters.  These include the Aztecs at our southern border,  the Muslims,  and the Chinese.

The War you never studied:

In 1904,  the island empire of Japan was desperate to compete with the European Empires of Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Russia….

They sacrificed everything to build a strong navy,  and knew they would need a reliable supply of iron, coal, oil, and food if they were to ever compete as a manufacturing powerhouse with the European powers. 

The Czar looked vulnerable,  his Far East Fleet was clearly second rate and not well exercised….

On Monday 8 Feb 1904 – the Japanese fleet sailed into Port Arthur – leveled their guns,  – and sank most of the Russian fleet at anchor.

The war lasted 18 months, the treaty was signed in Portsmouth,  New Hampshire,  the Japanese won, and Teddy Roosevelt won a Nobel Peace Prize.

The defeat was the first public sign of weakness by the Russian Czar,  – and led to the rise of Communism and to the Russian Revolution in 1917.

The Japanese military learned that a surprise attack which sinks the enemy’s capital ships,  – will guarantee victory.

Today a new Empire is rising in the Orient – – maybe you could say that an ancient empire is being rebuilt – – to challenge the West for world dominance in the 21st Century…..

But like the Japanese Empire of 1900,  they are short of things like coal, oil, iron, and food. They have no shortage of people…..and have always considered their people expendable.

During the Communist Revolution – they killed or starved at least 60 million of their own.  Life is cheap to the Communist Leaders.

During the years 1939 – 1941,  America led by FDR was determined to stay out of both the war in Europe and to ignore the war of Japanese expansion in China.

We made only token efforts to build up our military, air, and naval power,  – still believing that two wide oceans ‘protected’ us,  – even as German submarines were sinking ships within sight of our east coast beaches….

One can speculate – if we have been more ready, – if we’d had a more modern and robust fleet….might the Japanese have decided not to attack…?

Study & Teach History – or we WILL BLEED Again!

4 Responses to “Is A New Pearl Harbor Being Planned?”

  1. Vic

    A surprise EMP attack against us would leave the entire North American continent open to invasion within about a month of no power, no food, mass casualties, and breakdown in law and order.

  2. Kojack

    What saved us in 1941 was a loyal population of loyal, tough, practical men and women tempered in the Great Depression and unconcerned with PC. Now we have balkanized groups of SNOWFLAKES
    who will fight each other for the best SAFE SPACES and who still can’t figure out which bathroom to use.

  3. Leonard Mead

    AND voters are starting to elect muslims to Congress.

    Lots to be concerned about.

    Nice to be old.

    Len Mead,
    OLD Unwashed Conservative

  4. Panther 6

    All comments above are accurate. We do face a heck of a potential threat but to date the Chinese can’t project raw power in the western Pacific. But given a little time and a lack of a super USN it could happen.

    What does exist today is the real EMP threat to our infrastructure and I judge there are four nations capable of an EMP attack NOW; China, North Korea and Russia for starters, and IRAN via mid range missiles from the holds of ships off the East, West and Gulf of Mexico coasts. Not as far fetched as you might think. The Iranians several years back fired a missile from the hold of a ship in the sea of Azov that crossed south over Iran and impacted in the Dasht I Kavir desert in the south.

    WHY you might ask? I did. The ship survived. Recorded by satellite.