IRS Chiefs Face ‘OH SHIT!’ Moment

Posted November 22nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

30,000 ‘lost’ Emails suddenly ‘found’.   Lois Lerner was a busy girl.
lost lois lerner emails

Stripped of his HARRY REID SHIELD, Obama might be connected DIRECTLY to IRS targeting – of individuals and TEA Party groups. Funny, they eventually put Al Capone away for tax fraud. Maybe tax issues will do in Obama?

Ponder this: Does Obama need fresh smoke screens to distract the media?

Did he order the “lost emails” to suddenly be “found”, – to create a new media circus around House and Senate hearings – as cover for far more evil deeds? Is he willing to fling loyal soldiers Shulman,  Miller, and Koskinen under the bus?

They ALL LIED – UNDER OATH – for him... Will somebody rat him out to avoid prison and save their pension.

Or has he promised them Presidential Pardons in January 2017?

During these next 26 months – do NOT accept the obvious or the ‘plausible’ story on face value.



CAUTION REPUBLICANS: Don’t drag these hearings out. Be quick, incisive, and viscous, – or the left wing media will accuse you of ‘beating a dead horse’!

4 Responses to “IRS Chiefs Face ‘OH SHIT!’ Moment”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    There are way too many smoldering crisies out their waiting to distract the low information voter, e.g. Ferguson, ISIS, GITMO, Ebola, etc and the press is ready to deploy the distraction offensive. Will we ever know, “what did he know and when did he know it”? The PEOPLE need to have crystal clear evidence this this wannabe manipulator, dictator is holding the smoking gun and act accordingly.

  2. Hawk1776

    I’d like to know the circumstances of the discovery. Is there a chance the emails have been scrubbed? Is the MSM remotely interested?

    Obama seems to deliver a crisis of the month. There are so many and they are so frequent that each crisis seems insignificant in light of the next one.

    If we can ever get hold of his real birth certificate, his college transcripts, and incriminating evidence from (pick one) fast and furious, Benghazi, IRS scandal, etc., can he ever be convicted of anything?

  3. MC

    This administration seems to be covered with Teflon. You or I would have been locked away– with the key lost.

    Maybe Ms Valerie feels it is better if all this comes out before the new members in Congress are sworn in, so Reid can cry “old news” when it get brought up.

  4. panther6

    The BO gang and minions are without scruples or common sense. Hegel for a change starts telling the truth and he gets fired. Bet BO makes it sound like he is the greatest guy since sliced bread and that he just has to move on to bigger and better climes. Pure BS. Wonder what the MSM will say?