Iran’s Risky Act Of WAR!

Posted June 20th, 2019 by Iron Mike

In a land where the people worship DEATH, – lives are totally disposable…  Were they trying to ‘send a message‘,  – or bring on the “End of Days”?
Have Trump’s sanctions hurt them so badly they are willing to take on the World’s Superpower – maybe lose their entire navy and air force in an effort to unite and distract their own rebellious people?

The Mullahs may be counting on the chorus of anti-Trumpers in the USA to stay his hand in responding.

There was great calculation in their choice of a very expensive but unmanned target,  – and shooting it down 17 miles off their shores over what we call “international waters”

The Chinese are watching,  and will plan their next adventurous move in the South China Sea – based on how Trump responds,  – and on how much that response hurts the Iranians.

And yes,  that pesky NorK Runt is also watching.

Few Americans living today remember the ugly days of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war,  when Saddam Hussein miscalculated the resolve of the brand-new Iranian Revolutionary Government – and tried a brazen land grab.

That 8-year war claimed an estimated 1,500,000 military lives and easily 100,000 civilian lives,  – as neither side had the military skill to maneuver forces and thus relied on mass attacks against well-defended positions.

Saddam used the war to shove people (tribes) he didn’t want to appear to be killing into uniform and into the trenches;  – while the Iranian Twelvers used the war to draft and send into the meat-grinder people still loyal to the Shah.

It was during this Iran-Iraq war that President Reagan decided to re-flag the world’s tanker fleet and escort them through the dangerous waters – to keep the world price of oil stable.

Americans then still had bitter memories of Jimmy Carter’s long gas lines.

Today it is clear that the Iranians still represent BIG TROUBLE for the civilized world,  – and for Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, Israel, and the US in particular.

AND,  they have some very modern and sophisticated weaponry.

Kinda nice to know that thanks to Trump,  we don’t need any of that Middle East oil anymore!

5 Responses to “Iran’s Risky Act Of WAR!”

  1. panther 6

    We had better weigh the options closely before we launch. Iran is ruled by radical clerics who have no compunction about killing, especially infidels. This one may cool off but the problem isn’t going away till the imams are out of power. How does that happen? ,,, is the question. This is not just a US problem but the stakes are high for the entire ME, Europe and us. If we launch we had better be prepared for the results we must have and go all the way. No half way war will help. Best solution would be something less than war that results in Iranian regime change. That’s hard to do.

  2. Kojack

    Iran has been a problem since the ignorant, un-American peanut farmer perpetrated it on the world by not supporting the pro-American Shah of Iran.

    Only because we are involved in an endless war in Afghanistan and elsewhere, I think we should buy time with a limited retaliation and see if they ratchet it up but WE CANNOT LET THIS GO UN-ANSERED.

    If we do end up in a full-out war, then WE NEED TO FINISH THE JOB, NO MORE KOREAS AND FUCK THE U.N.!!!

  3. Walter Knight

    Iran has always tried to affect elections abroad with attacks, hostages, bombings, and leaking information. I expect a major Iranian attack before our elections, too.

  4. Hawk1776

    I applaud Trump’s restraint. We can attack and obliterate Iran whenever we choose.

  5. shahsavari

    this is great marketing news for world wide iranian misslle sales.

    Really? ???????????????????

    Ask yourself: How many nations currently buy Japanese-built aircraft?