Iranian Navy Sails Into Obama’s Face

Posted February 9th, 2014 by Iron Mike

It could be the scenario of the 1959 movie – made before Obama was even born…The Muslim That Roared
The Iranian Navy is sailing their only [barely] seaworthy ships to America’s East Coast – a direct in-your-face challenge to King Obama.   For the hapless sailors aboard – in the North Atlantic in February – this is a high-risk mission.   They could all become martyrs.  But right now they’re tweaking [or twerking] Obama big time! 

Recent trips of Salaban and Kharg

In recent years they’ve sailed to Syria, to China, and to Ceylon [Sri Lanka] and to West Africa.  This trip is an enormous undertaking for such old ships.  The trip to China was important, since China buys so much Iranian oil…

Some news reports have exaggerated the kind and capability of these two ships.  They are quite old, have minimum offensive capabilities,  and are in considerable danger of coming to grief in the cold waters of the North Atlantic in February.

SalabanThe Sabalan is not a ‘destroyer’ – she is a small frigate of post-WWII design – built in 1969 for littoral operations, – not open-ocean missions.   We actually bombed and set this ship afire during the 1988 tanker wars in the Gulf of Hormuz.  She can reach – briefly – speeds of 39 Kts – but would quickly burn through her fuel load doing so.  Her cruising speed is below 20 kts.

KhargThe Kharg is not a ‘helicopter carrier’ – she is an at-sea replenishment ship built in 1977.  She has a small helicopter pad on her stern.  She at best can do 21 kts. She is accompanying Sabalan to refuel her at regular intervals.  The 76mm gun mounted on her bow is a joke.  It  wouldn’t deter Somali pirates – it can’t be depressed enough to take out their motorboats.


Build up the in-country prestige of the Iranian regime and distract the population.

Distract the World from their nuclear bomb building.

Prove to other Muslim nations that Iran is about to become a ‘world player’.

Motivate fence-sitting Muslims into action.

Prove – once again – that the ‘Mighty West” and the USA is now in serious decline, – while a new world-wide Caliphate is drawing ever nearer.


With a world-class pussy like Obama as Commander-in-Chief…?  NOTHING!

But, come November you can dump every Democrat running for re-election out of the US Senate, and out of the US Congress, – and vote IN some REAL AMERICANS!

And come 2016you can help turn this country around – by getting rid of the rest of the cowards, frauds, and liars!

We don’t want other countries to FEAR us;  – but they damn well better respect us!

For that to happen – we need a President – WORTHY of respect!

7 Responses to “Iranian Navy Sails Into Obama’s Face”

  1. Walter Knight

    When it comes to delivering a nuclear bomb to attack America, everyone always talks about missiles. We won’t be attacked by a missile. The delivery system will be a ship.

  2. Varvara

    Yes Iron Mike, Iran needs to build up the image it shows the world, especially it neighbors and citizens. But the ‘fence-sitting’ citizens won’t take action. They are frighten. If they take action, they disappear or their families disappear. The only loud, screaming men you see on the news are the ones with no jobs, education or family of their own. They take to the street because they are told to do so. The louder they can scream and draw attention to themselves the better the newscast.

    As for the rest of the world, they might not be able to tell the difference between a broken down vessel or a modern, sleek, seaworthy ship.

    Now, for leadership or the lack there of…… November !!!

  3. Tom

    Waiting for a press conference with our traveling SOS, John Forbes Kerry or maybe Vickie Newland the dirty mouthed spokeswoman. We can always hope for Divine intervention in the form of a class of weather fronts producing a perfect storm with 100′ ice laden waves! We will hear their cries to Allah and the US Coast Guard.

  4. Panther 6

    I would echo Walter Knight’s comment on the delivery means being a ship to attack us. BUT it will not quite be a ship. Several years ago the Iranians fired a rocket from the hold of a tramp steamer in the Caspian Sea south over Iran for a distance of 1500 miles. WHY? To prove they could and in doing so further motivate their NUKE program.

    Three ships, one east, one west and one gulf coast firing a missile from those locations and detonating them at 30000 feet with the follow on EMP and the USA as we know it is toast. EMP would shut down the whole country. This scenario was mentioned on FOX News by a former CIA gent about a week ago.

  5. Jim Ettwein

    My recommendations to the US Navy: Bring out the Atlantic Fleet. Or most of it. Encircle the Iranian ships with more firepower than they’ve ever seen. Run a destroyer circle around them… Have fun with it. Demonstrate that the US is not the world’s patsy.

    Do I expect that the O Admin will take my suggestion? About as much as I expect to win a lottery that I don’t enter.


  6. Neil

    These two old rust buckets are probably eaten through with rust. That is why our Navy decommissions old ships. None the less, all they have to do is get close enough to our shores to wreak havoc with a nuclear missile. Any one who thinks that they are getting 72 virgins is insane enough to die.