Iranian Navy Plays A Deadly Game – AGAIN!

Posted August 26th, 2016 by Iron Mike

What could these suicidal Shiite Twelvers hope to gain going up against a modern American destroyer –  with speedboats?
Iranian speedboats
How about a sunken destroyer,  captured signal equipment and computers,  salvaged missiles,  – and 380 prisoners [hostages] including many women?  Could it happen?  EASY!

We patrol the Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf,  and the Straits of Hormuz for two (2) key reasons:

To ensure the smooth flow of oil to world markets [we get very little of it], and,…

To keep the Persians from launching a war against the various Sunni nations – thus starting a WW IV bloodbath of biblical proportions….

Americans used to understand these concepts, – until union teachers stopped teaching history,  geography,  and economics;  – and instead began teaching schoolkids to believe in global warming and gay pride….and look to the government as your benefactor…

USS Nitze

USS Nitze DDG 94 30 officers / 350 crew [many female] is lightly armed for surface combat,  – as naval architects were told she’d be operating as part of a task force , – i.e. with many supporting and overlapping guns providing mutual support.

But there she was – alone – sailing through the narrowest waterway in the world under the noses of the Twelvers.  They sent out four (4) small boats to hector her.

Nitze carries 96 missile tubes – loaded with a mixture of Tomahawk and ASROC missiles – any ONE of which falling into Iranian hands would be an intelligence gold mine!  The tubes are water-tight enough that even if the ship was sunk,  – most would likely survive intact.  And apply a little torture to the crew….and launch programming sequences would be available.

So what is the Iranian plan?

Keep hectoring US ships with small handfuls of small speedboats – letting their crews gain experience, confidence,  and filming everything.

suicide charge

Note carefully exactly when and how the Americans respond,  – horn blasts,  unlimbering guns,  taking evasive action. 

That ‘evasive action’ is the key!

If the Twelvers can detect a pattern,  – a predictable pattern,  – then they can use their fleet of mini-submarines – or even ‘fishing boats’ to lay minefields exactly where they plan to chase American destroyers….

Iranian submarines

Yesterday the Iranians did it again – to an even smaller US Navy vessel – the USS Squall – a patrol craft armed with just Cal .50 machine guns….

The Squall fired three shots to ward off the Twelvers….

USS Squall

Goddess of ShitIn 1978, 79, 80, Naval Academy graduate Jimmy Carter had NO CLUE what the Twelvers were doing.

Do you think there is ANY CHANCE that Obama has a clue today? 

How ’bout Hillary – that great ‘Goddess of Naval Warfare’? 

Think she gets it?



USS Stark

Why do you THINK the ARAB COUNRIES were paying Hillary ten$ of Million$ of Dollar$…???

You think it was for “CHARITY”???


Arabian Sea

We expect Democrats to be clueless;   – we expect YOU to make up the difference!

UPDATE:   Wed 7 Sept 2016   Iranian speedboats hector another US ship,  the Patrol Craft Firebolt PC-10 on Sunday Sept 4th.   This time seven (7) Iranian speedboats came within 100 yards of Firebolt – which fired flares to warn off the Iranians.

USS Firebolt PC 10

It seems that the Iranians are taking advantage of our election cycle to increase the tempo of their adventurism.

Come January 20th,  – they WILL test our next president!

2 Responses to “Iranian Navy Plays A Deadly Game – AGAIN!”

  1. Panther 6

    The Imam cats in Iran continue to toy with our mouse like leader and make a mockery of the US. Iron Mike’s possible scenario is not that far fetched. A pet peeve of mine, as a Grad of the Navy Command and General Staff College is that we have stripped to many guns and close in protection systems from our ships. I don’t think there is a LGB out there with enough armament to truly defend themselves properly. OH Yes, I flunked the Navy War College class on naval ship terminology (CV, CVN, DDG, DD, LPD, SSN, etc) and I just called them all LGB’s = Large Grey Boats.

  2. Varvara

    Shouldn’t we be asking Israel to take a look, from their submarines, to see where and how many boats that Iran has under the water? Or are there so many submarines in this space that everyone is bumping into each other?

    We could make a 1940s type movie, black and white of course, where a large bomber flies over the water and accidently drops his load of bombs. That would make a great film. Now, who would be the star?


    Egypt doesn’t allow Israeli submarines to travel through the Suez….thus it is a very long trip for them around Africa…