Iran: The Legacy Of Carter And Obama

Posted January 2nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

If you weren’t around in 1979 – you cannot remember when Iran was a staunch US ally against Russian expansion in the Middle East.

So today’s protests across Iran’s lesser cities and towns may bewilder you – because you thought when Obama delivered $33 BILLION in CASH to the Iranian Twelvers we’d have ‘peace’ for decades?  Remember how smug Kerry and Obama were?

What is a Twelver…?

It is a sect within Shi’a Islam that believes that the End of Days can only come when there is a world-wide Armageddon,  – and at that moment the so-called “Hidden Im?m” – the “Twelfth Im?m” will reveal himself, – lead the faithful in a final battle to smite all their enemies, – and then lead them to paradise!

Since 1979 the Twelvers have ruled Iran – as they kidnapped our embassy personnel, supported world-wide terrorism, – and worked to build their own atomic weapons and ICBMs…. It is all calculated to bring on their End of Days!

But not all the Iranians are fanatical Twelvers.  Out in the small cities and towns folks are pissed after 39 years of living on short rations and limited growth opportunity.  They’re in the streets!

And unlike Obama during the Green Revolution 8 years ago, Trump is not staying mute.  This next week should be very interesting.

Meanwhile across the world – the NorK runt has a new look – trying on a Western Suit in an attempt to sell a ‘softer image’….

We have to wonder what Trump sent him to soften his tone…

…..maybe photos of his bedroom window?

Folks,  you’re living in exciting times!  

Thank God we have an American President again!

Brace yourselves for great fretting and doomsday predictions from our left-wing media – i.e. our professional surrender monkeys….  They’re about to be apoplectic!

2 Responses to “Iran: The Legacy Of Carter And Obama”

  1. Panther 6

    I sure hope if the Iranian revolt takes real hold and needs assistance that our CIA is in the wings and will help. Maybe that is wishful thinking on my part but there it is. The folks over there are not all bad. The radical religious rulers are the main problem but they have been in power a long time and the military has become their stabilizing tool. IF the military should support the folks in the street it could be a game changer.

  2. Walter Knight

    What can America do inside Iran? At the very least the CIA can arm an insurgency that will make the mullahs’ lives dangerous and uncomfortable. Assassinations of mullahs and of Iran’s ruling elite should be an ongoing process, and a constant fear for the Iranian leadership.