Iran Starts A New Tanker War

Posted June 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Last month they used frogmen to attach limpet mines to 4 ships;  now they’ve upped the ante.  And Kerry and Obama paid for it!

You know the Trump sanctions are hurting when they’re using tankers as target practice,  – risking a VERY big war…. video:

If none of this makes sense to your WESTERN MIND,  – remember how many times we’ve told you that the ruling mullahs in Iran are Shia Twelvers,  – who totally believe they must bring about Armageddon – the END OF DAYS – so that the Hidden Imam will reveal himself – lead them to final victory here,  – then take them all to meet Allah in Heaven.

Starting a nuclear war serves their religious view!


If Iran does attack and damage or even sink a US carrier,  the Democrats will smirk and blame Trump – “for breaking the Kerry Treaty”!

With so much at stake, I really can’t wait to hear the Words of Liberal Wisdom from Biden,  Sanders, the Squaw,  Mayor Buttigieg,  Bill Weld, and Mitt Romney.

Folks, we have troops in Harm’s Way.  Pray for them!

4 Responses to “Iran Starts A New Tanker War”

  1. Kojack

    If Iran does attack, we should use our assets in the area along with some help from Israel and Saudi Arabia to solve the Iran problem started by Jimmy Carter once and for all.


    Look at all that smoke, I’m starting to believe in man made climate change, maybe the left should stop focusing on plastic straws and bags, and I stand focus on Ronald Reagan’s Peace through Strength…

  3. panther 6

    This was to be expected. The mullahs are radical religious zealots with no fear of the USA. That started with Jimmy Carter and still entertains today. We need to be forceful with them but we do not need another war now. I am not sure but this pot is boiling and needs to be watched closely. Don’t count on the Saudi’s or the Gulf States to take a stand with us. Israel perhaps at least covertly.

  4. Walter Knight

    America will not go to war with Iran unless Russia joins us. That’s not likely. About all we will do is use the CIA to aid an Iranian insurgency.

    Middle East oil goes to Europe and China. If those countries don’t care enough to fight Iran, America won’t either.